CNews, the Canal Group’s news channel, announced on Monday morning that Eric Zemmour was suspended from “Face à l’info” today. In a notice made public on September 8, the CSA had announced that the columnist’s speeches were to be “counted”, as part of the presidential campaign, under “various right”.

“The news channel CNEWS regrets such a decision which deprives millions of viewers of the columnist’s interventions,” she said in a statement released on Monday.

Eric Zemmour did not officially declare himself a presidential candidate, but the CSA as the columnist “could be looked at from now on, as much by his positions and his actions, as by the comments to which they give rise, as an actor of the debate national policy ”.

At first, CNews, which said it was “very surprised” by the audiovisual regulator’s decision, maintained Eric Zemmour’s presence on “Face à l’info”. But the channel eventually changed its mind. “After careful consideration over the weekend, we understood that this was the only reasonable solution,” Eric Zemmour commented on Monday morning on CNews. “I really have a lot of wave in my soul,” he said.