Asked about vaccination among our colleagues at RTL, Teddy Riner refused to take part in the debate. The Olympic judo champion believes that getting the shot is all about personal choice. He also said he did not want to be the government’s ambassador. Explanations.

In recent weeks, Emmanuel Macron has implemented the health pass. Unfortunately, the expansion of this and the future delisting of so-called comfort tests have not been able to provide a real boost to vaccination in Guadeloupe or Martinique. Thus, recently, Alain Fischer proposed another solution to convince the West Indians to be vaccinated. Indeed, he wants to appeal to celebrities from these islands:

I would very much like athletes, we have many Olympic champions from the West Indies, to come and tell their compatriots to be vaccinated.

Alain Fischer is thinking in particular of the judokas who had success in Tokyo. But also to artists, intellectuals. It must be said that the pandemic is wreaking havoc in these regions due to the low vaccination coverage. In Guadeloupe, for example, only 24.1% of the population received two doses.

Following Alain Fischer’s call, Teddy Riner couldn’t escape a question about immunization. Indeed, some people think that with its aura it could help the population to get vaccinated. Thus, among our colleagues from RTL, the judoka refused to position himself in the political debate on vaccination against Covid-19. The Olympic champion also said he would refuse to take on the role of government ambassador. According to him, everyone is free to make their own choice:

I am not here to say “do you vaccinate or not”? Everyone is free to make their choice, […] it is a decision that must be individual.

RTL DOCUMENT – Teddy Riner responds to Alain Fischer’s call: “I’m not here to say ‘get vaccinated'”

Being himself vaccinated, Teddy Riner then explained that he had not had too much choice due to the preparation for the Tokyo Olympics. But even though he believes his place is not in politics, the champion is not immune to the pandemic. In fact, out of solidarity, he also expressed his support for all the inhabitants of the West Indies.

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