Exclusive // ​​Launched this year, the start-up Teale raises funds to help employees take care of their mental health on a daily basis, thanks to a mobile application.

Its name is a contraction of two English words “team” and “heal”. Teale, launched four months ago, aims to put employee mental health at the heart of companies’ HR strategy to prevent psychological risks. The start-up, which is one of the first of the French psytech, announces today to raise two million euros to recruit ten people and develop its technology. The four co-founders won over among others Isai, a fund of French digital entrepreneurs, and Kima Ventures, Xavier Niel’s armed wing for investing in start-ups.

Concretely, Teale proposes to put a mobile application in the hands of employees in which they regularly answer questionnaires. “The objective is on the one hand, to finally talk about mental health and on the other hand, to provide tools to take care of it on a daily basis,” explains Julia Néel Biz, co-founder and CEO of Teale. From practicing sport to daily brushing of teeth, we systematically take care of our physical health without any particular problem. There’s no reason we can’t do the same with our mental health. “

As with home sports applications, the employee answers a questionnaire and takes stock: his state of mental health is thus mapped on several facets, both professional and personal. Depending on his answers, the application directs him to a digital support program or to partner therapists, thanks to an algorithm.

In the great majority, the professionals are psychologists trained in behavioral and cognitive therapies, “because it is the current of the most scientifically robust therapy”, estimates Julia Néel Biz who touched the subject closely. The co-founder admits having had the idea for her start-up during a difficult personal episode. “I realized that mental health was taboo, especially in business. Seeing a shrink has helped me enormously, ”she says.

Teale integrates into psytech, a growing sector due in particular to the isolation caused by the health crisis. In France, the start-up Chance was a pioneer with a program based on psychology and digital technology to allow everyone to choose the job that suits them. Across the Atlantic, the start-up Ginger, which combines data and mental health, raised 100 million euros last March, elevating it to the rank of American unicorn. Teale dreams of no less and intends to conquer the European market. For now, the team has already convinced tech nuggets such as Meero, 360Learning, Selency, Tiller, Libeo, and says it is piloting large accounts and group insurance players.

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