A few days after Italy’s victory at Euro 2020, Marco Verratti got married at the town hall of Neuilly-Sur-Seine with the beautiful Jessica Aldi. Love, the little owl is not the only one to experience it, since Riyad Mahrez has also been talked about a lot lately. Indeed, the Algerian international and Manchester City player sees life in pink alongside his fiancée Taylor Ward. Like many football players, the Citizens attacking midfielder had a good time on the Mykonos side or alongside Thomas and Nabilla Vergara in Ibiza.

Taylor Ward is often the buzz on social networks and Internet users are regularly under the spell of each of her posts on Instagram.

Today, footballers and reality TV candidates are often very close and couples often form. We can cite Anthony and Mélanie Martial or Montaine and Maxime Lopes, in England Taylor Ward, a young model, also made the buzz by being a candidate for reality TV, which we could see in Real Housewives of Cheshire. Today in a relationship with Riyad Mahrez, who had had a good time with Erling Haaland, the young woman is making the buzz on social networks. No less than 24 hours after the presentation of Beanz Mahrez, her little puppy, Taylor Ward has just made a new publication on her Instagram page, which has also made many fans react.

Some argue that the Briton is expensive for Riyad Mahrez … Of course, if the couple can afford it, they have the right to spend their money however they want.

On her Instagram account, Taylor Ward regularly posts a few photos on social networks and on her last post, it seems that the gentleman has pleased his beauty by offering her a magnificent diamond ring, the value of which would not be far from 400,000 pounds sterling (estimate).

We let you discover some pictures below. A publication acclaimed by nearly 100,000 Internet users, a rather satisfactory score for influencers of its caliber

On social networks, Internet users commented on the publication and we read:

After a good season with Manchester City, Riyad Mahrez is making the headlines of the sports media since he could be a candidate for the start.

As often, the club coached by Pep Guardiola is always looking to improve its team and as an example the name of Antoine Griezmann had been associated with the Skyblues for next season. The former FC Barcelona coach is looking for a number 9 and has reportedly made the 2018 world champion one of his priorities to replace Agüero. To recruit, it will be necessary to downsize and Riyad Mahrez, whose contract expires in 2023 could be sold. The player should indeed stay in the north of England. Nevertheless, in football more than elsewhere, we know that everything can go very quickly and in the event of a good offer, the Algerian international could take the direction of a new club.

If the month of July was rather calm in Manchester City, everything could accelerate especially if Harry Kane, priority target of Pep Guardiola, were to leave Spurs. To be continued.

Ref: https://fr.blastingnews.com