The 26/11/2021
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A few days ago, Taylor Swift released her album “Red (Taylor’s Version)”. And to show it to her fans, the singer is launching a promotion with a very special flavor …

Since December 12, the Swifties have been going crazy. And for good reason ! Their idol Taylor Swift has released her new album called Red (Taylor’s Version). And this one has a very particular taste for the singer …

Even before we rolled out the red carpet for Red’s release, Taylor Swift already knew how to deliver it to fans in a cool and tasty way: by partnering up with Starbucks, the world’s biggest coffeehouse chain. The idea? Whip up the singer’s favorite drink that the Swifties would sip in a toasty Starbucks while listening to her new songs. These are an integral part of the in-store playlist, and Starbucks even offers them on its Spotify profile, so you can hear it right out of the cafe. Deliciously smart!

“A Taylor Latte please”! Yes, you can order Taylor Swift’s favorite drink at any Starbucks: a caramel latte with skim milk, caramel syrup, and a light milk cream topping. Something to feast on while humming the singer’s new pop songs. Psst, Taylor Swift won’t blame you if you’d rather order a Pumpkin spice latte …

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