New batch of artists this Friday, October 29 in Taratata 100% Live on France 2 from 10:45 p.m. The Black Eyed Peas, Barbara Pravi, Damon Albarn, Fatoumata Diawara … Nagui has once again brought together musicians from all over the world, who will sometimes sing in duets on the set. Among them: Vianney and Ed Sheeran, the time of a tender moment of musical complicity. And the latter, married to Cherry Seaborn, participates well in the show despite his recent positive test for the coronavirus.

It was on Sunday, October 29 that the one who shows a significant weight loss revealed the information on social networks. The day before, he had sung on the set of The Voice All-Stars on the occasion of the final on TF1. The production of the show was quick to react, ensuring that the singer had a valid health pass and that the barrier gestures had been respected. All the people who were close to the daddy of a girl with a very original first name had also been warned: “Even if they are not contact cases, we recommended them to be tested”. The candidate of The Voice All-Stars Terence James, who had shared a duet with Ed Sheeran in front of the cameras, had for his part been tested on Monday, October 25 in the morning.

The state of health of the one whose marriage proposal had almost turned into a fiasco does not, however, call into question his participation in Taratata 100% Live this Friday, October 29. And for good reason: the capture took place several weeks ago (…)

Pascal Obispo reveals the astonishing reason which pushes him to wait before going back on stage (VIDEO) Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid separated? Accused of having “hit” his mother-in-law, the singer makes a point “He is my reason for living today”: Shy’m makes touching confidences on his son and his role as mother Deprogramming: facing TMC, W9 cancels its Celine Dion party on Tuesday, November 16 “Why they don’t love you?” : how Amel Bent reassures her daughter about the criticisms she hears at school because of her notoriety

Interviewed on Europe 1, Thursday October 28, Amel Bent evoked, with amusement, the fact that her mother hates one of her old songs and did not hesitate to admit it to her.

Invited to the microphone of Europe 1, this Friday, October 29, Jean-Marc Généreux revealed the reason why he stopped being sworn in Dance with the stars, to host the show Spectaculaire, broadcast on France 2.

This Sunday, October 31, W9 is broadcasting a new documentary dedicated to Jean-Jacques Goldman and entitled “The enigma Jean-Jacques Goldman.” In it, journalist and author Éric Jean-Jean makes a big announcement that should delight fans of the singer!

In the columns of Provence, this Friday, October 29, François Alu spoke of his role as a juror in Dance with the stars season 11, but also the fact that he does not always agree with his colleagues when he s ‘It is about noting the performances of the candidates.

Week after week, Fauve Hautot and his partner Tayc set the dance floor on fire with the stars. If they wowed the audience, they also won over the jury. Before returning to the floor this Friday, October 29, the dancer agreed to confide in

On October 20, Romain Grosjean and his wife Marion Jollès published the book La mort en face (ed. City). The opportunity to return to the incredible accident of which the F1 champion was a victim in November 2020. Soon, the 35-year-old Franco-Swiss will undergo a hand transplant.

Romain Basmaci, secretary general of the French Pediatric Society, is worried about the lack of space in emergencies in the face of the outbreak of the bronchiolitis epidemic.

France 3 offers tonight the adaptation of Dan Brown’s bestseller, “Da Vinci Code” with Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou. Do you know the underside of this film?

Blissful, Angèle fully assumes her bisexuality and tackles it in her next album entitled Nonante-Cinq. In an interview with Elle magazine, this Friday, October 29, the young woman “fell in love with a woman”, returns to the importance of “talking about it”.

Men also have a thousand lives in one. While they tend to stay more loyal to their perfume than women, they now juggle with an olfactory panoply adapted to each moment of their life. A good reason to succumb to the new perfumes of this fall.

In Kabul, Afghan women took to the streets to denounce international inaction in the face of the crisis in their country. “Why is the world silenced?” One of them exclaims. IMAGES AND SOUNDBITE

A death row inmate was shaken by vomiting and convulsions during his execution Thursday in the US state of Oklahoma, where the executioners used a lethal cocktail suspected of causing excruciating pain.

A health pass in the name of the Nazi dictator who died in 1945 could be used in European countries.

In the casting of episode 3 of season 4 of Captain Marleau broadcast Friday, October 29 on France 2, Pascale Arbillot has always been sincere about her use of surgery. But also of its abuses.

IMMIGRATION – Two Iraqi migrants were hospitalized after being hit by gunfire near Dunkirk

They are painters, photographers, designers or sculptors and they have chosen to settle away from the urban disorder and the exhaust pipes of Abidjan, in Grand-Bassam. Located one hour from the economic capital of the country, this historic city classified as a UNESCO heritage site is attracting more and more local creatives in search of a more serene and affordable way of life. As the once popular artisan village of Grand-Bassam is on the way out, a new generation of artists are con

The largest planet in our Solar System, Jupiter, continues to intrigue astronomers studying it. Thanks to the Juno probe, which has already made 37 passes over the gas giant, they now have an idea of ​​the structure of its atmosphere in three dimensions.

US and French Presidents Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron met Friday, October 29, in Rome, at the French Embassy near the Holy See, for their first face-to-face meeting since a serious crisis surrounding a submarine contract.

Explaining the work of growing tomatoes, giving advice on how to feed chickens or even how to produce compost: these are the types of subjects mentioned by a Colombian teenager in the videos he produces and disseminates on social networks with his big brother, since they moved to the countryside. Its objective: to promote the work of peasants, share knowledge about farm work and raise awareness of environmental protection. Carlos albe