The new president of the Social Democratic Party believed for a few hours to be able to succeed Stefan Löfven. But the defection of the Greens forced her to give up. However, she hopes to achieve this at the head of an ultra-minority cabinet.

Barely elected Prime Minister of Sweden on Wednesday morning, Social Democrat Magdalena Andersson had to resign eight hours later, even before taking office. In the meantime, the applicant has had time to see her budget proposal for 2022 rejected by parliament, and her green ally to give up sitting in her future government – if she manages to form it.

The day had started well for the one who was until now the Minister of Finance. One hundred years after Swedish women won the right to vote, one of them was elected Prime Minister for the first time. At fifty-four, Magdalena Andersson became the 34th person to lead the country’s government.

His election took place during the legislature. A year before the next legislative elections, in fact, Stefan Löfven, in power since 2014, announced this summer that he would hand over the baton in the fall, to breathe new life into his declining Social Democratic Party. despite a rebound in popularity at the height of the pandemic.

If the rose party had no trouble lining up behind Magdalena Andersson, at the beginning of November, the task was more complicated in Parliament, where Stefan Löfven’s pink-green coalition was in the minority with 116 deputies out of 349.

In order to be dubbed, the person in charge first had to negotiate dearly for the support of two groups that hardly appreciate each other, the Center Party and the Left Party. Then, when the deputies met on Wednesday (almost all without an anti-Covid mask), all the 174 elected right and far right voted against the accession of the Social Democrat to power. One more voice and she should have given up governing.

Magdalena Andersson then believed she had done the hard part. Six hours later, however, parliament passed a different budget proposal for 2022 than the one she had championed as minister.

In fact, the Center Party surprised its world by abstaining from voting on the government proposal. It is therefore the draft budget presented by the united right and far right opposition – a first at this level in the country – which was adopted!

Magdalena Andersson chose to swallow this snake … Until the Greens, loyal allies of the Social Democrats for seven years, announced that they could not sit in a government condemned to set to music “a budget prepared by the far right “.

Faced with this twist, Magdalena Andersson preferred to resign at the end of the afternoon, as provided for in the Constitution in the event of the defection of a government party. However, she said she was “determined” to lead a purely social democratic government which – as in Denmark – would seek majorities here and there, according to the files.

Unless surprised, the President of Parliament should give a second chance to the person concerned, who has some reason to hope that this time will be the good one.