Suspicions, this is the romantic thriller of France 3, rebroadcast this Tuesday, August 3 in prime time. If this miniseries in six episodes is carried by Julie Gayet, Bruno Debrandt and Thomas Jouannet, other actors known to the general public marvel at their side.

Known to the public, François Hollande’s companion is a prolific actress and producer. Although she has mainly illustrated herself on the big screen, Julie Gayet does not shy away from the little one. She has notably starred in Les Rois maudits, Juste un regard and Dix pour cent. Suspicion nevertheless remains a special adventure. “This is the first time I’ve had a role like this in a series. It’s really nice to be able to build a character up the length,” she said of Victoire.

Born in Switzerland in 1970, the actor is an actor appreciated by viewers, who have seen him in many fictions. Since 2015, he has played Doctor Costa Antonakis in Nina, the French medical series 2. Alexandra Lamy’s ex-husband is now spending happy days with another actress, Armelle Deutsch. He is also the father of Chloé Jouannet.

The actor is also a regular on the small screen. After having played for six seasons during Cain, the paralyzed and devious cop of the eponymous series of France 2, Bruno Debrandt left his chair to Julien Baumgartner. The actor took advantage of his new free time to chain projects (Revolt of the Innocents, Until Death Do Us Part) and (…)

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IN THE NAME OF THE LAW (1/4) – This marshal, the ancestors of the gendarmes, was killed during the Battle of Azincourt. His grave was discovered five centuries later

The journalist Cécile Grès, well known to rugby fans, was able to impose herself at the helm of the Olympic mornings on the public service.

On the occasion of their 22nd wedding anniversary, Patrick Dempsey declared all his love to his wife Jillian …

On Monday, the ruling Nicaraguan party unanimously validated the candidacy of President Daniel Ortega, 75, for a fourth consecutive term.

Scheduled for the end of the summer, it is finally in the fall that Martin Bourboulon’s feature film should invest in French cinemas.

BRASILIA (Reuters) – Brazil has recorded 20,503 new cases of coronavirus contamination in the past twenty-four hours, according to data released by the Health Ministry on Sunday, which reported 464 additional deaths linked to COVID-19.

After sharing a message on social networks urging vaccination against Covid, Bruno Guillon was criticized by antivax and detractors of the health pass. The host of France 2 then chose to answer them with humor …

The slice of royal cake is expected to fly off between 200 and 500 pounds, or around 235 to 585 euros.

Villages and hotels have been evacuated in the touristic south of Turkey, in the face of the progression of fires which have been raging for several days. Devastating fires have also broken out in other countries in southern Europe.

This Friday, July 30, a young man drowned while trying to save another man from drowning, in England. The young hero was 22 years old.

The magazine of France 5 is interested this Tuesday in the nursing staff who struggle, every day to help people who no longer want to live …

The new series from Amazon Studios, based on the novels by J. R. R. Tolkien, is an ambitious and expensive project. Casting, synopsis, filming: here is all we know for the moment.

This Monday August 2 at 7:25 p.m. (then the other evenings of the week at 8:20 p.m.), TMC is launching Chef.fe.s, a new program centered on ten kitchen professionals. Presentation.

The prefect of Île-de-France would have retoked the new organization of the working time of the agents of the city of Paris.

The explosion of hundreds of tons of ammonium nitrate killed more than 200 people, disfigured the Lebanese capital and deeply traumatized an entire nation. The scale of the damage, similar to that of war or natural disaster, shocked the whole world.

Three days before the opening of Ligue 1, AS Monaco officially kicks off its season with its European campaign. The Monegasques challenge Sparta Prague for the first leg of this third round of preliminaries of the Champions League.

BEIRUT (Reuters) – Several Lebanese officials “anticipated and tacitly accepted the deadly risks” posed by ammonium nitrate stored in the port of Beirut behind the deadly double explosion on August 4, 2020, Human Rights Watch said in a report released on Tuesday, nearly a year after the explosion. Referring to “overwhelming evidence”, the NGO, which considers that “several Lebanese authorities were, at a minimum, criminally negligent” under national law, appealed

Catherine Deneuve will auction nearly 125 pairs of shoes from major brands. The sale, which will take place in September, will benefit the Coluche association, Les Restos du cœur.

MOSCOW (Reuters) – The United States has asked 24 Russian diplomats to leave the country by September 3, when their visas expire, the Russian ambassador in Washington said, escalating tensions between the two countries. Anatoly Antonov did not say whether the US request followed any quarrel.