Justice Suspicions of sexual assault on children in a Montessori school

JUSTICE Several parents of children attending this school in Granada, near Toulouse, have filed a complaint against a teacher and an agent for sexual assault, including rape

Posted on 05/05/21 at 6:54 p.m.
– Updated 05/05/21 at 7:00 p.m.

The complaints lodged by several families concern children aged 3 to 6 attending a Montessori school located in Granada, about thirty kilometers north of Toulouse. Dominique Alzéari, the public prosecutor of
Toulouse confirmed on Wednesday that an “investigation is underway” after these complaints for
sexual assaults, including rape, targeting a teacher and an atsem at this out-of-contract establishment which accommodates 70 children.

Jean Balbo, the lawyer for one of the plaintiff families, assures the AFP that the latter is “stunned, upset by the revelation which has been made by the child”. “This is of course the child’s word to be taken with caution, but their number gives some legitimacy to what they say,” he adds.

Since La Dépêche du Midi revealed the case on Tuesday, indicating that around 15 children would be affected, the school administration has reacted on
her website: “Our hearts go out to the complaining families and their children,” she wrote, saying that these “acts, if proven, have no place in a school establishment”. She also said that “the staff members targeted by these accusations immediately left the school environment, adding that” no member of the team has ever witnessed any inappropriate gesture on their part. The establishment itself has also filed a complaint against X, he says.

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