“I have seen many things in my life, but never such a situation where greed is so strong that it crushes all human values.” The words are strong and say a lot about Aleksander Ceferin’s resentment towards the leaders of the 12 European clubs who have announced the creation of a Super League that will compete with the Champions League .

The UEFA president, his eyes heavy and full of disappointment, spoke during a press conference scheduled by the European body to present the reform of C1. After an opening statement, in which he denounced the “greed” of a small group of clubs and called “the unity of societies and governments” against this new competition, Ceferin then attacked Ed Woodward and Andrea Agnelli.

Juventus president Agnelli was until this morning the member of the UEFA executive committee and chairman of the European Club Association (ECA). Former close to Ceferin – the latter is the godfather of Agnelli’s daughter – the president of Juventus took the opposite view of UEFA to launch the Super League project. A stab in the back denounced by Ceferin on Monday.

“As for Andrea Agnelli, I have to say that is the biggest disappointment. I don’t want to make a personal remark, but I have never seen a person who lies so persistently . It’s amazing, I spoke to him on Saturday afternoon. He told me it was just rumors and then told me he would call me back later. And the next day. , we see the press release “, explained Ceferin during this press conference.

The Slovenian president also attacked Ed Woodward, the managing director of Manchester United, one of the six English clubs which will take part in the Super League: “I have never seen people behave this way. I haven’t had much contact with Woodward, but he told me last week that he was very happy with the competition reform. titions, that he was totally in favor, and that he just wanted to talk about Financial Fair Play. But obviously, he was already ready to sign something else. “

Obviously marked by the secession of some of the biggest European teams, Ceferin explained that the UEFA leaders may have been showing themselves a little too much “naive” as to the intentions of certain club presidents, whom he called “narcissists”, “snakes”, while referring to the 1960s film “The Dirty Dozen “(literally translated” the twelve dirty “), whose French title was” The twelve salopards “. Before saying that UEFA was ready to fight back: “Now we know and we are going to take action.”

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