An accident involving a passenger vehicle and a tank truck left four dead on Monday evening on a departmental road in Roye (Somme), the prefecture announced in a press release.

At around 8:30 p.m., “a fatal accident occurred on the RD 930 near Roye, involving” a car and a truck “which was carrying 24 tonnes of vinyl acetate,” the prefecture said.

“The current toll” is four dead “in the car and one injured, the driver of the truck, taken care of by the firefighters”, she added, specifying that the circumstances of the accident n were not yet known.

The departmental fire and rescue service “is mobilized to secure the area of ​​the accident by throwing a carpet of foam to avoid any risk of fire or explosion”.

On Sunday July 25, 2021, Estelle Denis shared two photos on her Instagram account for the birthday of Merlin, the second child she had with Raymond Domenech. The nostalgia was there!

Actor Mike Mitchell, seen in “Gladiator” and “Braveheart” died in a Turkish resort town on July 23. He before 65 years old.

TRAFFIC – A worker died on a construction site at the Massy station, through which many TGVs pass

For their first group match of the Tokyo Games, the Blues created the feat by beating the United States, big favorites of the competition, on the score of 83 to 76. It is the first American Olympic defeat since 2004, underlines the foreign press.

A tribute concert to the rocker organized by Laeticia Hallyday is due to take place on September 14th. Problem: an entertainment company is claiming ownership and the right to use a Johnny Hallyday hologram as part of a future tour, reports the JDD.

Eight people, including children, died in a sandstorm pile-up on a Utah highway.

The health pass can be claimed in shopping centers by prefectural decision, in view of the evolution of the epidemic.

Angelina Jolie went to Provence on July 21 for the “Women for bees” project, then to Paris on July 22 with four of her children.

British boxing recently lost one of its main rising stars, in the person of Frank Varey. The Welshman was found drowned, Thursday, July 22, following a dramatic accident. He was only 16 years old.

In Here everything begins, Maxime discovers letters hidden in Sylvie’s room, Gaëtan and Stella challenge each other, and the Pop-Up is successful.

The United States will continue its air strikes against the Taliban, if the latter continue the offensive they have been leading since early May in Afghanistan, the head of US military operations in this country warned in Kabul on Sunday.

Enough is enough ! Faced with lies and repeated complaints from Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, fans of the British royal family are greatly annoyed by their attitude, as explained by British journalist Jonathan Sacerdoti

Holidays are the perfect time to unwind and have fun with family or friends, like Anne-Sophie Lapix and Bixente Lizarazu do. Both take advantage of the summer to engage in a small annual photo battle on social networks.

While Sébastien Chabal will be the team leader for the next issue of Fort Boyard, his colleague Laure Boulleau returned to this memorable experience.

Interview with Jean-Marc Daniel, author of “Once upon a time … magic money” (Ed. Le Cherche Midi). The economics professor at ESCP Business School talks about the billions of euros in debt raised to deal with the Covid crisis. For him, the only way out would be to work more and ease the strain on businesses.

To go to vote on June 21, the “long-awaited” day of the national elections in Ethiopia, Tesfahun Sisay, in his early twenties and growing beard, had not chosen his outfit at random: a white T-shirt adorned with a portrait of a man, and crossed out of a Kalashnikov.

ADDIS ABAB / NAIROBI (Reuters) – Ethiopia’s Amhara region on Sunday called on “all young people” to take up arms against forces in the neighboring area of ​​Tigray, who claimed to have taken control of a town in Amhara for the first time since the start of the conflict in the country. “I call on all young people, militiamen, non-militiamen in the region, armed with any government weapon, armed with personal weapons, to join the anti-TPLF war mission (Front de liberation du p

Emmanuel Macron urged the Polynesians, but also all French people, to be vaccinated, by visiting the main hospital of the archipelago immediately after his arrival in Tahiti on Saturday evening.

Florent Manaudou told the Journal du Dimanche how his imposing size was a problem in the practice of certain sports. The swimmer explains how swimming then presented itself to him as obvious.

The bus made a regular trip between Frankfurt, Germany, and Pristina, Kosovo. After an unexplained departure from the road, at least ten passengers died and 45 were injured.View on euronews