Camille and Kira are on borrowed time in Un si grand soleil, guilty of a burglary that turned into a fiasco. Florent, he decides to defend Johanna, harassed by Daumier.

Johanna, harassed by the owner of her premises in Un si grand soleil, implements her threats and receives Sabine’s support in this ordeal. As for Laëtitia, she is shocked by the burglary suffered by Serge, who hides information from the police.

Richard Daumier does not disarm. Repressed several times by Johanna (Aurore Delplace), he is increasingly insistent and intends to sleep with the lawyer in exchange for signing the lease. Frightened, the lawyer orders her to leave the scene before filing a complaint at the police station. Elise talks to Johanna and suggests that she call someone to take her home. Sabine (Gaëla Le Dévéhat) comes to find her and insists that she is a victim in this story, her friend feeling guilty for having accepted a first invitation. Summoned then by Elise, Daumier does not give way and claims that Johanna is harassing him to have a reduction in the price of the rent. He intends to take him to court for slanderous denunciation and to recover his premises. Florent (Fabrice Deville) agrees to defend his colleague: he wants to obtain the signing of the lease while having Daumier condemned.

Laëtitia (Shirley Bousquet) struggles to recover from the burglary suffered by her companion. In the evening, she tells her daughter Camille (Léonie Dahan-Lamort) – one of the authors of the mischief – the misadventures of which Serge (Laurent Frattale) suffered, including a slight head trauma. But Camille is more concerned with whether the two culprits can be identified. There, Manu notices that the safe has not been damaged and Serge lies, indicating that nothing has been stolen. At the hospital, Camille is elusive towards the lawyer and the latter remarks that Laëtitia’s daughter is not comfortable with the mention of the burglary.

As for audiences, the unpublished programs scheduled by France 2 from Monday 23 to Friday 27 August 2021 mobilized an average of 3.95 million viewers, corresponding to a market share of 18.7%.