Discover the highlights of the unprecedented episode of Un si grand soleil broadcast at 8:45 p.m. this Tuesday, September 7, 2021 on France 2.

The period of appeasement between Florent and Serge Levars already ends in Un si grand soleil after a discovery by prosecutor Bernier. Inès is unrecognizable after having prepared her new training in the best possible way.

After intensive revisions, Inès (Maéva El Aroussi) allowed herself to decompress. Thus, she returns to the roommate after having drunk a lot and wakes up her comrades by turning up the volume of the music. Dylan (Ishtvan Nekrasov) puts an end to the festivities because he has to get up very soon for his work. In the morning, it’s time for housework after the mess caused by Gary’s non-scoring daughter.

Suddenly much less serious, she makes the decision to fly away for a few days with her friends to Barcelona. Anissa, meanwhile, lets Antonin know that she is already starting to regret the roommate. The young man is annoyed.

Myriam (Pauline Paolini) ends up sweeping away Levars’ proposal, that of renouncing his inheritance. Claire’s friend explains how she would feel like she was betraying Violette. Nevertheless, she finds Céline (Anne-Laure Gruet) to offer her a solution: to share the land of the deceased equally. Céline is the owner but she has the option of preventing any construction on this land.

Not convinced, Violette’s niece warns her that she wants to go to trial. The events get carried away when Levars (Laurent Frattale) learns from the prosecutor that the will has been drawn up … by Florent. Levars thus encourages Bernier to launch an investigation into the actions of the lawyer.

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