The use of MPLS declined 24% from 2018 to 2020, and SD-WAN migration played a key role in the decline, according to a research firm.

TeleGeography on Monday shared the results of its annual WAN managers Survey with. The telecommunications research firm spoke to WAN managers at 125 companies whose companies averaged $ 10 billion in revenue.

According to TeleGeography, the average corporate network was running MPLS at 82% of locations in 2018. Last year, however, the number fell to 58%.

The report’s authors suggested SD-WAN migration as the explanation for the decline in MPLS over the past three years. TeleGeography concluded that only 18% of companies had SD-WAN installed in 2018, up from 43% in 2020.

Despite acknowledging the growth of SD-WAN, TeleGeography agreed with other reports pointing to a slowdown in SD -WAN deployments in 2020. You can blame COVID-19 for this.

“The adoption of SD-WAN has increased dramatically in recent years. The pandemic temporarily slowed adoption but increased interest in adoption, ”said Greg Bryan, senior manager of enterprise research at TeleGeography. “SD-WAN gives WAN managers the ability to choose a wide mix of document technologies and can also improve performance.”

Respondents indicated that they are turning to SD-WAN to increase their site capacity and to use new access solutions. For example, companies have chosen dedicated Internet access (DIA) as their main document product. According to TeleGeography, more than a quarter of dedicated Internet access sites ran faster than 100 Mbps.

We found that a co-managed solution was the most popular configuration among our respondents (40%), followed by unmanaged (29%) and then fully managed or simply managed.

WAN managers reported concerns about remote working. Remote workers make up the majority of the workforce for 85% of corporate respondents. As a result, WAN managers worry about congested Internet gateways and limited broadband performance at home.

“The pandemic has caused companies around the world to really reevaluate their business and look for new ways to improve performance and Improve efficiency. It will be interesting to see the ongoing impact of the pandemic on accelerating digital transformation and changing network models globally, “said Elizabeth Thorne, research analyst on enterprise networks at TeleGeography.

The latest study by Avant Communications on the state of the Disruption revealed that MPLS demand is actually growing. Additionally, Avant noted that many customers do not view SD-WAN and MPLS as mutually exclusive technologies. Ken Presti, Avant’s vice president of research and analytics, said in a recent SD-WAN report that MPLS and SD-WAN deployments are increasing in different parts of the network.

“Many of these companies, especially large ones, had already made significant investments in MPLs and continued to invest in what they had already bought in the core of the network. In the meantime, SD-WAN continues to approach the roadsides and work its way into it, “said Presti.

To read one of our sharper discussions on MPLS and SD-WAN, see the SD-WAN column published three years ago , in which a channel partner railed against MPLS.

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