“Scandalous and pitiful”. This is how the opposition municipal councilor of Grenoble and Member of Parliament for Isère Émilie Chalas describes the letter from the City of Grenoble dated September 30, 2021 alluding to the “Chalas” law. A letter that School Assistant Christine Garnier sent to the student’s parents. Subject of the letter? Social movements, frequent, which disrupt the functioning of the extracurricular. This is when parents allegedly “called the attention” of the elected official to the issue.

Christine Garnier, assistant to the Schools of the City of Grenoble. © Corentin Bemol – Place Gre’net

“First of all, I would like to tell you that the situation of parents in strike contexts concerns me a lot, and especially when it comes to the most economically fragile parents,” writes Christine Garnier. Before considering that “the question of the strike and the communication around social movements is complex and sensitive”. And to engage … in a demonstration by practice.

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