If Strasbourg reinstated Ike Udanoh on Saturday night against Champagne Basket, the club had to do without DeAndre Lansdowne for the end of the match. The captain of the SIG had to come out for an ankle injury 35 seconds from the end of the third quarter. “Our captain will undergo medical examinations on Monday morning to find out the extent of the injury and the consequences,” the club explained on sigstrasbourg.com.

He is announced uncertain for Monday’s game against JL Bourg, while the other full-back, Kris Richard (medical replacement for Brandon Jefferson), is also uncertain for a sprained ankle. As a reminder, Lassi Tuovi’s team must also do without the pivot Yannis Morin, unavailable for the end of the season.

This Monday’s match against JL Bourg is important since Strasbourg (fourth with 19 wins and 8 losses) can take off against Bourg-en-Bresse (fifth with 18 wins and 11 losses) in the race for the Top 4 of the Jeep ELITE.

“I only have two things in mind as I go into this game,” said Lassi Tuovi as he prepared for the game on Sunday. The first is that it’s hard to know who will play with us and with them. It’s hard to prepare for this type of face to face. Hopefully there won’t be additional injuries on both sides. It would be a shame if this kind of big game was ruined by the absence of players. We are in a short race for the playoffs and in fourth place. The crazy thing is that this is the second game in a row where we face a team and players that we have never played against… As it is the end of May! It does complicate the preparation a bit, that’s for sure. Secondly, I think that, for them as for us, this meeting should not be seen only like a race for the best place in the standings. We take the matches one after the other. Whatever the opponent, whatever can be taken, we take it. We don’t think about the ranking. We are looking at what the team can do this week to win games with the players we have. That’s what we have in mind in order to best prepare for Bourg’s coming and find the way in which we can win this game. “

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