For 2021 to end on a high note, what could be better than a Stéphane Bern version of rhinestones and sequins? It was at the Château de Chantilly that he put down his microphone in early December to record a special show for December 31st, in the company of artists who marked the year. From Clara Luciani to Zaz, passing by Julien Doré, Juliette Armanet, Tayc or Nolwenn Leroy, all the cream of the contemporary variety took out their light clothes for this last day of not-too-disco 2021. Between two sung performances, Stéphane Bern asked the dancers of the Latin Paradise to give a feverish rhythm to this evening placed under the sign of disco.

All choreographed by Maestro Kamel Ouali, who wished his performers would wear legged pants and body-hugging jumpsuits for the occasion. The sisters of the Moulin-Rouge and the Lido were also invited to the Bern Party, just to increase the number of feathers visible on the screen even higher. Then, don’t throw any more, the troupes of the Phénix circus and the Folies Gruss made a detour to Chantilly to present their most beautiful acts. Finally, the occupants of the premises were invited to the ceremony: either the horses of the Company of the great stables of Chantilly and their riders. You will understand, Stéphane Bern designed and prepared with the teams of France 2 a total show in a royal site. Only the jesters and jugglers were missing. But the times do not allow them anymore. The only certainty is that it will all end at 11.59pm with a giant fireworks display to better celebrate New Year’s Eve. So, 2022, an explosive year? Obviously… “The great evening of the 31st at Chantilly”, presented by Stéphane Bern, on December 31st on France 2 at 9:05 pm and simultaneously on France Bleu, then on TV5 Monde