Wind up against the announcement of an acceleration of the establishment of wind turbines, the journalist denounces in a forum the specious opposition between the defenders of the heritage and the protectors of the environment.

Stéphane Bern is angry and he doesn’t hide it. The object of his ire: French wind turbines and the policies of the Minister of Ecological Transition Barbara Pompili. In a column published in Le Figaro on Sunday May 30, the journalist renowned for his historical and heritage subjects denounces the “wind diktat which stirs the wind and anchors a real lie in our soil”. In question, the “deception” of a system which is “in no way ecological and renewable”, and which thrives “supported by European subsidies”. Because it is not just a question of aesthetics that alarms the Franc-Luxembourg organizer, it is also the profit that “powerful industrial and financial lobbies” derive from these facilities. A “negation of ecology” which relegates to the countryside what city dwellers do not want at home.

Stéphane Bern paints an uncompromising picture in this forum against “the wind turbines [which] destroy the heritage of France. “He takes issue with these” sores who consider that it is only necessary to install wind turbines in the countryside. “

The journalist demonstrates the nonsense of this race for wind power, which only works “25% of the time and requires the help of coal-fired power stations.” He explains how Germany measures “the disastrous consequences of its own choices in this area”, while with the PPE (multiannual energy programming) wanted by Barbara Pompilli, France is preparing to switch to 15,000 wind turbines. in 2028, against 8000 in 2019. Materials imported from China, massive concrete slabs, migrating birds that get caught in the blades, biodiversity and ruined landscapes… all this for “effective operation on only 21% of the time on average. “

While the prefects have instructions to impose these wind turbines at all costs, Le Figaro specifies that at the legal level, the applicants see limited rights and the possibility of appeal is prohibited.

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