Marco Stiepermann closes with a first team return for Norwich City
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Warne has spoken in the past movingly of childhood memories of what it means for him and his family to face the club he supports.

This Norfolk son had to play the championship game in South Yorkshire Missing the start of the season to self-isolate after a member of his family was diagnosed with coronavirus.

That was a meaty argument that Norwich left with Jordan Hugill’s cool penalty in added time. Farke is ready for more of it.

“You are not the biggest name in this league, but you always play with a fighting spirit and togetherness. They always do it, ”he said. “Rotherham has won four of the last eight, they are quite brave and I love their handwriting. There are a lot of things that we should be in control of, but they’re pretty similar to Barnsley’s style, who likes to push and play with aggressiveness and intensity.

“You can always feel how much it means to him playing Norwich when he is spoke to him at previous games. He’s a really nice guy. I fully appreciate his work. His teams always give everything. They do it even if they are the outsider. You play without fear, with courage. That’s because of the fantastic job he did.

Jordan Hugill closed the previous championship meeting at Rotherham this season with a 2-1 win for Norwich City
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“Immediate relegation and promotion is a sign of the quality of his work. Perhaps it is important that he be a fan when he is sitting on the sofa and thinking about these things. But you won’t get by during that time Emotions overwhelmed It’s more about how you can tactically help your team. “

Norwich appears to have recovered with league wins against Stoke and Coventry. Former Millers match winner Hugill is available after his hamstring injury and Farke is enjoying that The luxury of some serious selection posers just to pick a squad for the day of the game.

“There were times when we might have had to knock a player back, but now we have a much easier situation and we don’t have to risk anything,” said the city boss. “We have Teemu (Pukki) in his best rhythm and Adam (Idah) back for a few weeks and we look sharp in his substitutions. Jordan has been back in team training since Tuesday. Not an option for the starting grid, but an issue for the squad. “

Marco Stiepermann will fall into the same category starting next week following his 64-minute cameo for the club’s development team yesterday after recovering from a virus for two months. Farke insists that the attacking midfielder can add another dimension.

“Marco is a special player,” said Farke. “I’ve heard some comments in previous years that he doesn’t look like a number 10 with his long arms and long legs. But he proved he can play that role two seasons ago when he was the best number 10 in the league was awarded.

“A lot of head coaches sang his praises when I spoke to them after the games. He’s so important to us and a perfect match for Teemu.

“Teemu is not a big, big striker who will win balls in the air. He’s lurking on the last defender’s shoulder quite often. Then you need a player who can save the ball, who can be used as a wall, and when combined with Teemu, Marco is perfect.

Daniel Farke has great respect for Rotherham’s rival and Norwich City fan Paul Warne
– Photo credit: Paul Chesterton / Focus Images Ltd.

“Without a doubt, Marco is a valuable option for us. He had a key role in my plans for this season and it was difficult to be without his quality. He’s a great boy in the locker room too, everyone loves him. He’s a funny guy and you can see that in his goal celebrations.

“We miss him very much and hope to have him back in team training soon.”

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