Steven Seagal has taken on a new role as the face of a Russian political party that supports that country’s president, Vladimir Putin.

The stars “Hard to Kill” and “Above the Law” were officially accepted into the party “A Just Russia – Patriots – For Truth” at a ceremony on Saturday. This is evident from a video released by the party. As the name suggests, the party was formed earlier this year through the merger of three smaller parties, all of which support Putin.

Michigan-born Seagal has repeatedly praised Putin’s leadership in Russia and approved the 2014 invasion and subsequent annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea region. In November 2016, Segal was granted Russian citizenship. In August 2018, the Moscow State Department appointed him the unpaid “Special Envoy for Humanitarian Relations between Russia and the United States”.

“Without being able to arrest people, they are likely to make more money producing the things that pollute the environment, if we just punish them, “the actor said, according to Reuters.

After speaking, Seagal posed for photos with one of the party leaders, Zakhar Prilepin, who, according to Reuters, has admitted to commanding a combat unit in Ukraine.

A Just Russia – Patriots – holds 23 out of 450 seats in the lower house of the Russian parliament, the Duma, for the truth, making it the fourth largest party behind Putin’s united Russia (335 seats), the Communist Party (42 seats) and the Liberal Democratic Party (40 seats).

The next round of the Duma elections is due to take place in September, but the Russian news agency TASS reported that Segal will not be a candidate as he retains his American citizenship.

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