Take the two best defenses in the NBA, put them in nap time and you have a tough game, which struggled to start offensively.

But as since the start of the season, the Warriors have managed to find solutions, first thanks to Jordan Poole’s explosion in the third quarter, then with a Stephen Curry who got angry in the end.

The two-time MVP put the lid on and Golden State remains top of the NBA, even as Phoenix hasn’t lost in a month and has just had 16 straight wins. That’s to say the form of the Warriors …

– A festival of stray balls. Two aggressive defenses and present on the pass lines, it gives a lot of stray balls. 16 for Golden State and 24 for Los Angeles, including 8 just for Paul George. But all of these “turnovers” are not just the result of defensive intensity. The hands were slipping, the passes were often too predictable and there was a lot of awkwardness overall, especially in the first half.

– Jordan Poole’s hot shot. With 14 points in five minutes in the third quarter, the full-back gave the Clippers the first blow. His fourth 3-pointer of the third quarter didn’t kill Los Angeles, but it definitely gave the “momentum” to his team, who were looking for some attacking pace.

– Stephen Curry is pissed off. The leader of the Warriors was already quite well in his match, notably cutting the passing lines at will, but his stroke against a referee, and the technical foul that resulted, following an unsolicited contact with Terrance Mann, transferred him to another state. In the process, he disgusted the Clippers by stringing together 3-point successes and complicated layups. The Staples Center was speechless, and cheered him on his exit, while he even allowed himself to chamber while miming a technical foul …

✅ Stephen Curry. 33 points 7/13 away, 6 assists, 6 steals and 5 assists. The double MVP is a player apart, able to weigh in all areas of the game and kill a match, even against defenders who are physical and focused on him. He thus seems capable of finding a solution in any situation.

✅ Otto Porter Jr. At minimum wage, this is a really good deal for Golden State. With 18 points at 3/7 away, plus 10 rebounds, the former Wizard is making the most of his minutes in a game where he can express all his qualities, forgotten due to injuries.

⛔ Reggie Jackson and Luke Kennard. The first was weighed down by quick faults, which prevented him from finding any rhythm, while the second suffered the physical struggle imposed during the match. Overall, the two players haven’t contributed much, although they must be among the main supporters of Paul George, especially at creation. When they get through that much, the Clippers are too limited.

With his 7 successful 3-pointers in this game, Stephen Curry has already put 105 long shots in 19 games played this season! If he keeps up that pace, he could hit 430 3-point shots this season, to beat his own record of 405 shots behind the line at 7.25m set in 2015/16.

LA Clippers (11-9): Paul George and Los Angeles have the opportunity to revive quickly with the reception of the Pelicans, on the night of Monday through Tuesday.

Golden State (18-2): highly anticipated double confrontation against the Suns, in Phoenix on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, then in Golden State on the night of Friday to Saturday.

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