The rescue center welcomed officials from the Aude Departmental Union of Firefighters to hand over agendas to young firefighters. A tradition marking the beginning of the formation of the JSP.

After Carcassonne in 2020, the Port-La Nouvelle rescue center was chosen this year to accommodate the officials of the Aude departmental firefighters union for the delivery of agendas to young firefighters.

It is a custom, each year, young Aude firefighters receive the agenda which, symbolically, determines the start of a year of training.

“This is an opportunity to bring together once a year the sections of the department and the associative committees that co-coordinate the care of young firefighters,” said Sandra Rossi, president of the Departmental Union of firefighters of the Aude. Accompanied by Commander Serge Munoz, president of the association of young firefighters, they both recalled the importance of the commitments made with the leaders of the 9 sections of the Aude department. Colonel Guillaume Jean, recently appointed to the post of deputy director of SDIS 11, invited, also spoke. “The firefighters are a symbiosis between the fire and rescue service and the Departmental Union, they are two inseparable identities, plus the association of young firefighters. Amicale, union, federation, all these associative networks help to develop volunteering. It is a source of recruitment for the future “. The colonel also wished to thank all the staff, supervisors and facilitators, within these sections.

The head of the center, Fabien Nougues, found the right words to end these testimonies: “We have the benefit of a barracks in the city center, close to schools and college. The structure of the center and its activities are visible. by parents and children every day, enough to arouse temptations. But above all, the teachers take advantage of this proximity to organize fun and educational outings by visiting the barracks “.

The Port-La Nouvelle center is one of 9 centers in Aude with a training section.

Currently, 30 young firefighters are registered in this section, for 182 in the department. From the age of 13, you can integrate this training, the first objective being to promote the culture of citizenship and the values ​​carried every day for firefighters. A reception marred by absences due to mobilizations and interventions on bad weather in the Gard department.