Announced at the last Playstation event, the remake of the first Star Wars KOTOR game will arrive much richer than a simple visual remake. Overview of planned changes!

We had waited all summer. Finally, Sony preferred a house event to announce its new products … and that the patience was worth it! Amidst a torrent of announcements more exciting than the last, a remake of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic is also presented. And he will delight us!

Developed by a studio unknown to the general public, the game’s remake will be a freer interpretation of the original game. Aspyr, the company responsible for this recreation, says in fact that this will not be a simple visual remake, but a brand new game based on the old one. Not a reboot so far (while a Knights of the Old Republic 3 is expected), this new Star Wars KOTOR should please fans and newcomers alike.

If no release date has yet been announced for the title, there is no doubt that the window of 2022 is retained and that the ambitions are wide. Indeed, this Knights of the Old Republic video game is made by “veterans who worked on great RPGs as well as some members of the original Knights of the Old Republic development team.”

Star Wars KOTOR will have a “remake”, not a “remaster” for the PS5. It seems that the youth cure will be more than visual, and that the game will be adapted to a modern audience, while respecting the original story. I like the idea. # PS5Showcasehttps: //

In addition to the rare new features unveiled, including a revised scenario and more worked characters, the big info is especially the temporary exclusivity on Playstation 5.

Rest assured, a PC release is also on the program, even if we do not know if it will be at the same time as the availability on Playstation consoles or not. On the other hand, the Xbox will have to wait at least 12 full months!

In short, very little official information is still given, but let’s be patient. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss a thing when more details on this new Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic video game are given!