If you like Star Wars (or rather Star Wars), you’ve been rather served on the video game side for over 20 years. The next title that you will no doubt be rushing to buy to complete your collection is Star Wars Jedi Knight Collection. This compilation of the best adaptations of the license will bring together Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy and its sequel Jedi Outcast, released in 2002 and 2003.

After a first leak last week which announced the classification of several packs on Switch and PS4 (including this one), Amazon posted the sheet of these products online yesterday, with a price (€ 29.99) and a date: November 16, 2021. Other resellers have done the same, including Fnac in France. Small problem, the games had not yet been fixed by LucasFilm Games. Too bad, you can already access pre-orders right here.

Note that the second box in question also appeared on Amazon at the same time yesterday: this time the one containing the ancient but cult Star Wars Racer episode and the most recent Star Wars Republic Commando. The media are similar (Switch and PS4), the publishers are the same (Aspyr, LucasFilm and THQ Nordic), and the dates … too. For this last bundle, you can find it on Fnac here (but only on the Nintendo console).

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Ref: https://www.jeuxvideo-live.com