The Star Academy is legendary. For its 20 years, each provides an anecdote. Matthieu Delormeau does not go with the back of the spoon!

Already twenty years since Jenifer won the first edition of Star Academy. It’s just crazy. The more time passes, the more it seems that the months go by in a minute. In any case, Nikos Aliagas intends to seize this opportunity to satisfy us. First, he begins by hosting a colorful season of The Voice. He never concealed that he loved presenting musical shows. However, this evening, he renews the experience with the one that he has allowed him to achieve notoriety. No, there won’t be any new ones. But count on the elders to come and comment on the archive footage. More than ever, we absolutely must not miss these three exceptional events. They will not be too much to put everything down! Besides, who tells you that the story of Matthieu Delormeau is there? Exclusively, Objeko tells it to you as the main interested party explained it to his fellow TPMP members. It is consternation … judge for yourself!

Forever, Jean-Pascal Lacoste has this agitator / provocateur image that sticks to his skin. If Objeko uses these two words, it is no accident. The one who is now in a relationship with Sylvie Tellier’s sister has long been the troublemaker of the castle of Star Academy. Nominated for several weeks in a row, his demeanor could amuse as well as exceed his then professors. Like the day when he decides to play one of his tricks which he has the secret. “With Mario, we grabbed the shopping list and added an inflatable doll. We didn’t think the pictures would stay. Since then, they have been roaming the Net. Recall that at the time, social networks did not exist. So, to have access to this kind of never-before-seen images, you had to subscribe to the unlimited channel or wait patiently for the bonus.

As for the members of the team, they will never forget this mind-blowing experience. For Jasmine Roy, this is only the beginning since M6 will also be asking her to help the participants of the first editions of her tele-hook. However, Star Academy remains his favorite show. Unable not to quote this ridiculous question from one of the candidates. “With Matthieu Gonet, we announced a Beatles medley and a student asked us if they were coming. Students and teachers alike had childish eyes when they discovered who were the celebrities who attended. The vocal coach remembers how real the benevolence of a Rihanna or Beyoncé felt. She tells us that the singers left their egos in the locker room and knew how to put themselves “at the service of the students in all simplicity”.

Fan of Star Academy, what did you think of the ninth season? It is no coincidence that we are quoting this part to you. Indeed, at the time, the show was no longer broadcast on TF1, but on NRJ12. As he does not want to be unfaithful to his channel, Nikos Aliagas declines the project. And then even if he wanted to, he wouldn’t have the material time to be in the oven and in the mill. That’s why, we’re going to suggest this to a certain… Matthieu Delormeau. At the time, he was already a star as he had a few experiences to his credit. So, he is believed to be the one who is capable of smashing audience records and doing justice to the legendary show.

However, the latter does not only keep candy pink memories of this edition. On the contrary, he intends to throw a pavement in the pond by telling this moment of embarrassment experienced on the set of Star Academy. As for its big sister, the means are put to arouse the curiosity of the televiewers. So he specifies “we had big stars, including Bruno Mars. Also, so that the singer feels at ease, the production decides to place his dressing room next to that of the presenter. Despite everything, they share the same sanitary facilities. Suddenly, the Locked out of heaven performer uses them and unease sets in. The result is Baba’s BFF who takes charge of telling us about his trauma. “It’s an infection. I had never seen this in my life. It’s horrible because it broke my character. He came to sing next to me, I didn’t see the singer, but this man who had had a cat condemned for a quarter of an hour. Ouch, it stings!

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