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This Saturday, October 30, two former Star Academy candidates decided to settle their accounts on Instagram. Fortunately, it is on the tone of humor.

It is a program that marked the history of French television. It was October 20, 2001 when Star Academy, a musical telecrochet, was broadcast for the first time on TF1. From then on, the program presented by Nikos was a huge success. For nine seasons, several personalities from the musical world will make their appearance during the famous bonus, organized every weekend. Beyoncé, Sting, Rihanna, Johnny Hallyday, Mariah Carey and Celine Dion have also accepted the challenge of singing their greatest hits alongside apprentice singers. This day was also that of the eliminations, where a nominated academician risked leaving the adventure if he was not drafted by the public.

In 2021, the Star Academy is celebrating its twentieth anniversary. And to mark the occasion, many former candidates such as Jenifer, Mathieu Johan, Mario Barravecchia, Houcine Camara, Emma Daumas, Élodie Frégé, Michal Kwiatkowski, Sofia Essaïdi, Magalie Vaé or even Quentin Mosimann, gathered to celebrate this anniversary in music.

The Star Academy has marked the lives of many former candidates. Most also seem to have kept good friendships. This seems to be the case with Lucie Bernardoni and Mathieu Johann. Particularly accomplices, both do not hesitate to spoof by publications interposed on social networks. This Saturday, October 30, the ex-companion of Clémence Castel posted a photo of his former promotion on Instagram. Unfortunately, he forgot to mention Lucie Bernardoni who, for her part, did not fail to take revenge. “Mathieu Johann having forgotten me in a photo, I am avenging myself by publishing his best performance,” she said in a video of the person performing the song Stach Stach by the Bratisla Boys. “Know Mathieu that I always have worse in store,” she said. To which his comrade replied “I love him anyway”.

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