Sport Stade Rennais-Losc: Lille puts an end to Rennes’ invincibility thanks to Xeka and Renato Sanches

FOOTBALL Without a victory in Ligue 1 since October 3, Lille has relaunched itself by putting an end to the winning streak of Stade Rennais (2-1)

95th. The LOSC made an excellent operation and finally validated its series of draws! The Lille were able to count on their good first half and goals from Xeka and Renato Sanches to put an end to Rennes’ invincibility, which had lasted for 13 matches.

95th. The meeting ends strangely. The stadium was expecting a last Rennes corner but Madame Frappart whistles the end of the match!

91st. Doku does the job but the center is not good !!! André can’t take it anymore. It smacks of knockout, the end of the world. The end of the match especially.

90th. Lille are playing for time, and it makes sense. Rennes pushes but there are only a few minutes left. Additional time? Not seen !

89th. And rusk also pure Meling which cuts the Lille counterattack. The Norwegian raises his arm and apologizes. Nice attitude.

88th. Huge mistake of Reinildo on Assignon! Both feet forward, what was he doing there ??? Yellow card.

87th. Suddenly, Rennes pushes hard but Majer’s pass is too long. Lille seems to stick out its tongue.

85th. Rennes finally wakes up and scores on an umpteenth cross from the left. Bourigeaud deceives Grbic and offers suspense! 2-1 for Lille!

81st. AND RED CARD for Genesio! The Rennes coach got annoyed because Lille took an hour to shoot a free kick.

80th. Looks like LOSC has their first win since early October! The last was against OM.

78th. Here is Burak Ylmaz entering instead of Weah. Not a crazy game but it hurt on the right in the first half. The job is done.

74th. It rains again. And the Bretons do not advance much against Lille who are also used to it.

72nd. This game of pinball in the defense of LOSC was funny! But without success for Rennes.

71st. The entry of Doku did good to Rennes. We feel that he can make a difference on the right. The legs are heavy on both sides.

70th. Ikoné enters in place of Renato Sanches. And Onana replaces David. On the Rennes side, Assignon replaces Traoré.

69th. GUIRASSY WHO IS MISSING! He had a great ball but his recovery is not on target! Laborde had intelligently let it pass!

67th. It’s a bit odd and cut in half! The referee is no longer in control of the match. André’s obvious fault on Doku is not hissed and the audience is scolding

65th. The people of Lille spoil the game a bit. Experience shows that it is fair game! The Breton public demanded a penalty on a good combination but the referee said nothing. Then it’s David who collapses. It’s a bit of a football hurray.

64th. Jonas Martin takes a yellow card for … losing his shoe. Well, above all for yelling because he had lost his shoe.

62nd. The Rennes centers are not good and Lille can clear. LOSC is waiting very low to counter.

60th. Reinildo’s attitude bof bof, who wants to push Majer to debunk. The Croatian is calm.

58th. Reinildo’s foul offers Rennes a good free kick. Majer’s beautiful left paw but the defense returns. We’re going to have 3 changes in Rennes as a result.

57th. The Rennes game has not changed since Lovro Majer’s entry. The Bretons are less sharp and Lille is well organized.

52nd. The stadium is enraged. The combination Truffert Laborde was beautiful but the side sends his pass in six meters. Rennes is no longer so sovereign.

51st. Santamaria’s point blank strike is countered by the defense! Rennes is pushing to come back!

50th. It’s a bit of a mess there and the faults multiply. The last is for Xeka and offers a good free kick to Rennes!

47th. On his release, we have the impression that Gbric is already playing the watch … It will take a long time this affair.

46th. And the first corner for Rennes! We will have to score quickly if they want to come back! The resumption of Santamaria goes above.

45th. The players are back. Majer will come home. I think it’s Terrier coming out.

45th. It should be noted that Lovro Majer is alone warming up on the lawn of Roazhon Park.

45th. It’s half-time in Rennes! The LOSC did the job by taking the advantage before proceeding against. It’s well played and it’s 2-0. The Rennais had started well but we lost ground!

44th. What is this Rennes defense on the other hand! Nobody is going to attack Renato Sanches who can strike quietly without opposition! Big quack of the Breton defense on this blow.

44th. Bamba goes right and center. Omari deviates slightly but it comes back to Renato Sanches who shoots Gomis!

42nd. Our scoring duel does not give much for the moment. Jonathan David is very discreet. And Gaëtan Laborde is not much more in sight.

41st. Lille control well from their goal. They suffered relatively few chances against the third attack in Ligue 1.

38th. It doesn’t hurt arbitration. It is however clean. But there is something at stake, it shows!

37th. Traoré makes a HUGE race to drop the Lille defense but his cross is missed and goes into touch!

34th. Lille have often opened the scoring lately but are struggling to keep the advantage. But they strike a big blow with this goal. It’s a bit against the course of the game.

33rd. The game is stopped. Renato Sanches is on the ground after a heavy fall. But he’s fine.

33rd. Big work of Wah on his right side which addresses a center back. David plunges but it’s Xeka who takes over and shower the Roazhon Park!

30th. Renato Sanches and Sulemana are velor ball on the feet. Xeka on the other hand, apart from yelling at the arbitration …

27th. This Rennes pressing which allows them to recover a ball which was in the feet of Grbic. Beautiful debauchery of energy that pays m

26th. Weah misses his shot that goes overhead. The only shots from Losc came from afar. And for the moment, it is not framed.

25th. The Bretons have given up. They find it difficult to make the link between their waste pickers and the offensive sector. Terrier who worked miracles is more discreet.

23rd. Corner for Lille! Truffert is in great demand on his right side. He sends the center for a corner. Lille is doing better!

20th. Jonas Martin’s strike is completely missed. Too bad because the former Strasbourg resident had done the work on the recovery. Xeka claimed the fault.

19th. The match has rebalanced and Losc has the ball. Without being very dangerous for the moment. Even if on this rotten clearance of Gomis, the Lille strike for the first time.

15th. The duel between Fonte and Laborde is something. The Lille defender has the upper hand for now.

13th. We thought that Lille would get a corner … But no, David’s offside. First quarter of an hour complicated.

11th. The Losc is not there. The Mastiffs do not manage to keep the ball and are round back.

10th. The level of play of Genesio players is mind-blowing at the moment. What a collective!

8th. Another opportunity for Rennes! Laborde’s strike is missed (it happens) and Truffert’s is picked up by Grbic.

5th. Oh the Rennes opportunity! Sulemana is boiling hot and serves Terrier but her center does not find anyone! It goes in front of Grbic’s goal. It was hot !

2nd. Lille are looking for depth with David but the Rennes defense is watching. It goes very quickly on the Lille side!

1st. And let’s go, friends! We want a dream, guys, we need to ignite, our fingers are already cold!

8:57 p.m. The Rennes bench with Majer, Doku and Badé, it weighs close to 50 million euros … And I do not count Guirassy!

8:55 p.m. In fact, I was able to enjoy the Cabaret Mustache show which was on the lawn. I quote them because people come from my hometown. And there I am very proud what … Their interpretation of bro gozh (the Breton hymn) was very nice too!

8:50 p.m. There you have it, the stadium’s wifi network is out of order and I’m having trouble … Thank you for sharing the connection.

8:40 p.m. If you are wondering what is happening elsewhere in football, we advise you to go see this match
of crazy in Strasbourg delivered by Thibaut. Where’s the Farmer’s League, eh?

8:35 p.m. Do you know our podcast on LOSC by the way? You can go have a look and an ear. The friend François who works in Lille is well established on the club.

100% Lille: The worrying series of Losc in Ligue 1 and the excuse of the lawn on the menu of our podcast via @ 20minutesLille

8:33 p.m. Good news announced by our colleague. President Nicolas Holveck was
absent for several months to treat cancer. His return to Roazhon Park seems to be a good sign.

8:30 p.m. At the announcement of the Lille eleven by the announcer, Benjamin André was applauded by the Rennes supporters. He kept the former captain’s good odds. It must be said that it was he who lifted the Coupe de France in 2019. Which makes him a rare man in Rennes.

8:25 p.m. Because we are in Brittany, we are going to do a little obligatory weather report. It is not raining anymore. But it rained, just enough to water the lawn at Roazhon Park.

8:15 p.m. Botman’s Return! Back from injury after two months of absence, the central defender is aligned by Jocelyn Gourvennec alongside José Fonte. A tough guy who took Lille to the title last season! Scorer on Saturday against Nantes, Burak Ylmaz is on the bench.

8:12 p.m. We start this evening with the Rennes company. Bruno Genesio should do without Flavien Tait. Suddenly, Baptiste Santamaria is titular with Jonas Martin in the midfield. We will also note the absence of Lovro Majer in the starting 11. The Croatian had been less in sight
Sunday against Lorient.

8:10 p.m. Here we are! We visited the suburbs of Roazhon Park a bit before arriving at our destination, but the essentials are there. How are you ?

Hello everybody ! On this delicious first day of December, we will brave the wind and the rain to take you through the bays of Roazhon Park to follow an enticing Stade Rennais-LOSC, which will kick off at 9 p.m. In full confidence, the Rennais surf on a series of thirteen games without defeat before receiving the reigning champion. For its part, the LOSC struggles in Ligue 1 and stacks the draws. His last victory against OM on October 3 is only a distant memory that fans of the Mastiffs would like to rekindle. The meeting will also be an opportunity to decide between the top two scorers in the championship. Who, Jonathan David or Gaëtan Laborde, will make the nets tremble? Answer right here from 8 p.m.…

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