Friday, February 19, 2021, 3 p.m.

By Ellen Smith

Stacey Solomon pointed out her experiences with “wrong friends” in an emotional post on her Instagram.

The bubbly television personality recorded her stories to share her insights and warned her followers that people can sometimes come “dressed as friends”. In the emotional post, Stacey also revealed that she had taken some time on her phone and social media.

She writes, “There will always be mean people out there. Some will be obvious. Some might even be friends Be in disguise. Protect your heart from everyone. “

Stacey warns,” No matter how hard they try to overthrow you, obviously or indirectly, go on. Keep believing. Go on. Don’t let yourself be drawn into their misfortune . “

Then she said to her followers,” Tomorrow is a loose (women’s) day and then a lot of meetings. According to Zachy, there is a big Pokémon tournament on Saturday, so I’ll turn my phone into one for a few days Put a drawer. Hope you have a nice weekend. I love you very much. I’ll see you on Saturday. “

It’s not clear whether Stacey is referring to a new experience or something she’s been through in the past Has. It seems like something she’s been thinking about lately, however.

Stacey shared a Q&A-style post from Dove, writing, “What I’m going to do for myself today is not to drag anyone medown No matter how hard they try. “

Stacey posted this just before mentioning the” mean people disguised as friends “problem. So it seems like something she went through that day.

Even so, Stacey seems to be absolutely killing it lately. Not only has she got 4 million followers lately, but she’s also just released her own book, Tap to Tidy.

We can imagine why people would be jealous, but it’s safe to say that Stacey has a lot of people around too that they love.

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