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The social security system (SSS) announced on Tuesday the 7th September, announced that it improved its online Social Security Number (SS) application, which now allows for receipt uploads.

“Instead of visiting our branches, members can now receive receipts such as a copy of their Filipino birth certificate Upload the statistics authority, the marriage contract for marriages or the baptism certificate for children. You do not have to submit the receipts through the drop box system to make your SS number application status permanent, ”said Aurora C. Ignacio, President and Chief Executive Officer of SSS.

Ignacio emphasized that uploading essential receipts is required to obtain permanent status of their issued SS number and to apply for SSS benefits and privileges.

“Given the current quarantine protocols, new applicants and SSS members can visit the website at their preferred time and at their preferred Day to avoid long queues in our offices, “she added.

According to SSS, the process serves a dual purpose for SS number application and My.SSS registration.

After receiving the E -Mail for a successful email with the login information for SS number applications, applicants will also receive another email with the login information for the My.SSS account for activation within 30 days.

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