ð ???? ¢ Rugby / Top 14Â: perilous turn at Deflandre for Section Paloise. To???? It has been twenty-three years since the Section Paloise won in La Rochelle. This eleventh day of Top 14 is all about the major test.
To???? You can read it here.
To???? Find the team lineup here.
To???? Follow the meeting La Rochelle – Section Paloise live this Saturday at 3 p.m.

ð ???? ¢ Section Paloise / EspoirsÂ: before Biarritz, Jean-Baptiste Box does not set limits. To???? Capital match this Saturday (3 pm) for the hopes of the Section Paloise, who can take the lead of their group of accession in the event of success against Biarritz. A Basque team who won the first leg (26-24): “We want to take revenge on ourselves after this first leg where we are had not existed in the game. It’s a real final, the winner will be leader at the end of the day. You can read it here.

ð ???? ¢ Rugby / Regional 1, 2 and 3: Arudy and the US Basin for confirmation, Jurançon by obligation. To???? Arudy, well revived and the US Bassin, despite the threat of Covid, hope to continue their momentum, when Jurançon hopes to win in a match between troubled teams. To???? You can read it here.

ð ???? ¢ Basket: the French team narrowly wins against Monténénà © gro (73-67) at the Palais. To???? Long battered by Montenegro, the French basketball team ended up winning 73 to 67 this Friday evening at the Palais des sports in Pau. A foundational success for these “bis” Blues, engaged in this qualification campaign for the 2023 World Cup. You can read it here.

ð ???? ¢ Basket / Elan BÃ © arnaisÂ: two Palois in the All star game. To???? The National Basketball League has formalized the players selected for the next All Star Game (December 29). To???? You can read it here.

ð ???? ¢ Replay. The Sports Mag: Boris Diaw special guest of “Saying Things To Each Other!” To???? Attention legend on approach! This Thursday, it’s Boris Diaw who takes place with us. â ???? Babacâ ???? and his 247 selections in the blue jersey, his coronations with Elan Bà © arnais, in the NBA, in the French teamâ ?? In short, very very heavy in front of the microphone of Jà © rôme Carrère and Vincent Martinelli.â ???? You can read it here.

ð ???? ¢ BasketÂ: a weekend of cuts on the menu. To???? No championships this weekend in the various divisions, on the other hand the Bean and Souletine clubs will be represented in the various departmental, regional and national cups. To???? You can read it here.

ð ???? ¢ Le Billère Handball trapped in Angers. To???? Showered after returning from the locker room, Billère missed out on Angers SCO, beaten 27 to 26, and dropped back by one place. To???? You can read it here.

ð ???? ¢ HandballÂ: in the N1 women’s derby, the favorite is Bordes. To???? The duel is a priori unbalanced between Bordaises (9th) and Mourenxoises (14th), even if the notion of derby can reshuffle the cards, Saturday at 6 pm in the Renà © -Nativit © room. To???? You can read it here.

ð ???? ¢ Pau Grand Prix: the WTCR will be announced on May 7/8, 2022..â ???? The few suspicions of suspense surrounding the 2022 edition are gradually dissipating. The date is precise. To???? You can read it here.

ð ???? ¢ The area of ​​Sers de Pau in cyclo-cross mode. To???? This Saturday afternoon, 4th edition of the event organized by Pau VÃ © lo 64. The cyclo-cross record organized in the department will not be broken this year. However, after FC Oloron on Sunday, the Pau VÃ © lo 64 is the last to work for the 4th consecutive year. It seems that every time it is a challenge that is met. To???? You can read it here.

ð ???? ¢ Climbing in Pau all weekend with the Open Pyréné a. To???? The UPPA Sports Hall will be full this weekend with more than 200 registrants. Pyréné a Sports will be represented by about fifty climbers, with at the start in particular, Maia Hubrecht, 3rd in the French U14 championship and Lila Samani, 8th in the last stage of the Coupe de France U16. To???? You can read it here.

Ref: https://www.larepubliquedespyrenees.fr