Released in the cinema in 2009 spy It will be rebroadcast on Arte this Wednesday. Former journalist at Cahiers du Cinéma in this feature film Nicola Sada Get a good understanding of genre films. In the veins of Hitchcock, He signed a breathtaking spy film against the backdrop of a love story, Guillaume Canet Parfait in the role of an infiltrator overwhelmed by his emotions.

You will understand, this film was exciting to write early When it was released in 2009. Here is our opinion: Assuming that you and I can work for the secret service tomorrow (“sauce”, That is to say in as an anonymous intruder of a mid to mid-sized organization), Nicolasada is a bit lazy, a bit cynical, a bit adventurous, and a portrait of today’s youth facing issues beyond. , Guillaume Canet’s choice to embody him is clear: in his “Adult” charm With semi-depression, he best anthropomorphizes the disillusion of generations. Identification is automatic. This dichotomy between a free but manageable mind and the essentials of the task (strict respect for rules, respect for hierarchy) gives the story a lasting rhythm and comfortable readability. As soon as it interferes with “NS” Feminine (Geraldine Palehas, sensual and fragile), everything changes: we go from a classic spy film to a love story and we are overwhelmed both by a beautiful marriage and the forced participation in his mission … Even if the trajectory of the story is somewhat artificial and increases as it unfolds in the traditional way, spying reveals an interesting hexagonal advance in genre films between the effectiveness of American stories and European sensibilities. Until then, only the Asayas Demon Rubber When Gate, Tried Successfully.

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