Injured for most of the 2020-21 campaign, Spencer Dinwiddie is set to become a free agent, after he has decided to decline his player option for next year. And if arriving on the market after a white season is not an advantage, Dinwiddie intends to fill his bank account. Spoiler, it will probably not be done with the Nets.

Even if the Free Agency 2021 has lost its luster after the extension of many stars who would have been out of contract this summer, there are still some interesting cases to follow. Among them, that of Spencer Dinwiddie. With the Nets for five years, the combo guard has managed to establish himself as a player that matters in the NBA, as evidenced by his 2019-20 season where he took advantage of both the absence of Kevin Durant, injuries to Kyrie Irving and the departure of D’Angelo Russell for his best statistical career season: more than 20 points and almost 7 assists on average to help Brooklyn reach the Playoffs. For Spencer, that’s obviously the production he wants to be paid for, regardless of whether he’s spent the last few months in the hospital wing with a partial ligament rupture in his right knee. In an interview with Howard Beck of Sports Illustrated, Dinwiddie did flaunt his salary claims and as much to say that he is ambitious.

“To all the fans who think I’m going to leave because I opted out, I say no, not necessarily, because the ball is in the Nets court. You understand ? I believe the full max for me is 196 million over five years or something like that. No one is saying here that I am going to hit that much so wait before executing myself in public (laughs).

However, the Nets have the ability to do something that other franchises cannot. If the Nets come to the negotiating table being aggressive and saying, hey, we have $ 125 million for you over five years, ’then chances are I will come back to the Nets. But if they don’t and they’re more like, ‘oh, we’re giving you $ 60 million over three years,’ well anybody can do that. “

Owning Full Bird Rights to Spencer Dinwiddie, the Nets can actually offer a bigger deal to the 28-year-old full-back compared to other NBA franchises. But if he waits for such a contract from Brooklyn, he can wait a very long time for the Spencer. Indeed, it is difficult to see the Nets breaking the bank for Dinwiddie when they already have three elite forwards with Kevin Durant, James Harden and Kyrie Irving. Then, the Nets are financially armored and even if owner Joseph Tsai does not hesitate to pull out the checkbook to build a team capable of winning the NBA title, the price / need ratio is clearly not in favor of the Brooklyn franchise. , who tries to surround his monster with three heads as well as possible and in particular on the frontcourt. We’re not saying that Spencer couldn’t be useful to the Nets, that would be a disrespect for the man’s talent and we also have to remember that the Big Three haven’t been a role model for sustainability this season, quite the contrary. But to spend more than 100 million greenbacks over five years, on a player coming out of a white season and who suffered two big knee injuries (he had also torn a ligament in his left knee in college) in his career, that does not really make sense for a team which is already largely found in the luxury tax.

So don’t expect to see Spencer Dinwiddie in the Nets jersey next year. Whether he leaves elsewhere without any consideration or through a sign-and-trade that would allow Brooklyn to get a little something from his value, the rear will undoubtedly open a new chapter in his career and it is probably not. worse, because he will certainly have more offensive responsibilities than in Brooklyn.

Tomorrow on the Crossover: @ SDinwiddie_25 goes deep on the Nets, free agency, crypto and his new business, @CalaxyApp.

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