Special Envoy, the survey and reporting magazine of France 2 presented by Elise Lucet is on the TV program of your evening this Thursday, September 09, 2021.

Each week, “Special Envoy” is at the heart of the news and receives an “on board” guest with Elise Lucet. The magazine offers great reports, “human stories” and surveys, with the ambition to be even closer to the event and to those who make it.

Clément Le Goff investigated the lands of his childhood, in Hillion in the Côtes-d´Armor. The phenomenon has been repeating itself every year in summer for half a century: at each tide, the green algae wash up, by the hundreds of tonnes … Half of the green algae in all of Brittany is concentrated here, in the bay of Saint -Brieuc. Where he grew up. They cover the sand of the beaches, disfigure the landscape and poison the lives of the inhabitants.

As we know today, beyond bad smells, these algae give off a toxic gas that is lethal in high doses. Why here? And why has the phenomenon never been contained? Investigation of a local child who became a reporter for “Special Envoy”.

Lebanon experienced one of the worst disasters in its history last year. But isn’t the worst yet to come? More electricity, more money in the banks, unpaid wages, the country is collapsing. Lives are in danger.

In hospitals, ventilators are stopped, patients on dialysis or suffering from cancer are no longer properly cared for. Doctors and families are calling for help. Our special correspondent Raphaële Schapira lived these very trying times alongside the population. One more trial, one too many?

For or against the health pass? This is the question that has torn families apart all summer. As thousands of opponents take to the streets every Saturday, “Special Envoy” wanted to understand who the “bad guys” are. What drives them to put themselves on the margins of society? One of our teams immersed herself in this France that the vaccination passport divides.

This is the story of an ordinary citizen embarked on a story that goes beyond her. “Sonia” (it is a pseudonym to preserve her safety) is the one who denounced Abdelhamid Abaaoud, one of the coordinators of the attacks of November 13, 2015, to the police. This courageous act made it possible to locate and neutralize terrorist, and arguably saved lives. The investigation has indeed shown that a new attack was scheduled at La Défense. Facing the cameras of “Special Envoy”, a year after the attacks, she had agreed to testify.

Ref: https://newsactual.fr