In Spain, it’s not just Vox and Ciudadanos who are obsessed with Morocco’s armaments. the far left separatist or regionalist parties also express the same concerns, without, however, sharing the sovereignist motivations of the two right wing parties.

This is the case of the Compromis party, which advocates an expansion of the autonomy of the region of Valencia. Its senator, Carles Mulet, addressed written questions to the government, including one concerning the exhaustive list of weapons that Spain has sold to the kingdom since 1991, and their financial cost.

In its response, the executive invited the parliamentarian to consult the Commerce Department reports on exports of defense and police equipment to Morocco. Indeed, statistics for 2020 show that Rabat ordered only 12 million euros worth of Spanish weapons. During the last five years, orders have reached 105 million euros, including 82 million for ammunition.

Last January, the kingdom ordered from the public company Navantia the construction of a single patrol vessel for the Royal Moroccan Navy, the cost of which varies between 100 and 120 million euros. A contract to provide jobs for 250 employees in Andalusia for at least three years.

Senator Mulet also insisted on having guarantees that the weapons purchased by Morocco are not used “for the massacre of the Sahrawi population”. The Sanchez cabinet replied that “Morocco is not subject to international sanctions either from the United Nations or the European Union”. He added that “export requests are analyzed on a case-by-case basis. The licenses are accompanied by strict documents to control their use ”.

In its explanations, the government specified that “since 1991, there has been no export operation of antipersonnel mines authorized to Morocco. There is only one anti-tank mine export license authorized in October 2018 ”. The Polisario accuses the FAR of carrying out intensive mining in the region.

As a reminder, the day after the FAR operation in El Guerguerate, on November 13, 2020, a Catalan pro-independence party called on the Sanchez cabinet to suspend the sale of arms in Morocco.

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