Quite rare in the world of football. Transferred last summer to Liverpool after winning the Champions League with Bayern Munich, Thiago Alcantara has openly criticized the development of the game and modern football in the columns of L ‘Team.

Child of Brazilian football and fed on the precepts of the game of FC Barcelona, ​​the 30-year-old midfielder is having a hard time identifying with today’s football, in distress of his gasoline.

“Football has taken on a much faster, more physical pace. The number 10 figure has almost disappeared because we have central defenders who are not afraid when they face a technical player. . They’re going to rush him and don’t give him time to turn around and play his game. “

An evolution that does not appeal to the Spanish international, who grew up alongside the illustrious pair of Xavi and Iniesta, unparalleled creators with a science exceptional football.

Beyond the evolution of the game, faster and more physical, Thiago Alcantara is not really a supporter of the enthronement of technology in the service of football, in particular the appearance of video refereeing (VAR).

“I’ve always been against it and I wish there weren’t any more. It takes away the essence of the game. It takes away the cunning, the malice, which is part of football. We make mistakes when we play. Referees must also make mistakes, because they are human. Without this cunning, many legendary actions in the history of football would not have existed. “

Thiago Alcantara wants to “have fun” playing soccer and believes that the latest revolutions in the football world don’t really help him feel more of it.

Ref: https://rmcsport.bfmtv.com