After Spain’s loss to the United States in which he scored no points, Pau Gasol confirmed his career with the Spanish national team was over.

Considered one of the greatest sportsmen in Spanish history, he left the international scene with an exceptional record: one world championship title, three European championship titles and two Olympic silver medals. In total, the elder Gasols won 11 medals for the Spanish jersey.

“It was my last game with the national team, now I will see with my family if I continue to play basketball or if I am moving towards other projects”, declared Pau Gasol, leaving doubt on the rest of his career with FC Barcelona.

His 36-year-old brother Marc will still be with the Lakers next season, but he won’t be seen with Spain again. “We are getting off this beautiful merry-go-round that we rode on 15 years ago,” said Marc. “Now is the time to stop with the national jersey and make way for the youngsters. “