Matchday 34 of the Premier League opener between 3rd Leicester and Strasbourg bottom of the table with almost assured maintenance.

15th in the Premier League, Southampton saw a very bad end to the season with 7 defeats in 10 games. With 9 points ahead of the red zone, however, they should hold. 10 days ago they lost to Leicester in the FA Cup semi-final (1-0) on a goal from Iheanacho after the break. In their last match they were leading 0-1 against Tottenham in the second half but fell on a Hugo Lloris of the great evenings preventing them from making the break. They ultimately lost 2-1 by conceding a goal from Son at the very end of the match.

3rd in the championship with 5 match days remaining, Leicester are 7 points ahead of 5th West Ham. By winning at Southampton they would be a huge step towards qualifying for the next Champions League. A revenge for the Foxes who cracked last season in the home stretch. The season could be even better if Vardy, Iheanacho and their teammates win the FA Cup, the final of which they will play against Chelsea.

We believe the Foxes should come out on top in Southampton, coming close to qualifying for C1. Leicester’s victory at St Mary’s Stadium is quoted at 2.00.

Remember that playing involves risks and that only adults are allowed to play.