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At the start of the first confinement, the ex-war reporter discovered traces of his father’s Nazi past. A violent, mythomaniac father who has, moreover, deserted and changed camps over and over again. Sorj Chalandon tells Marie-Louise Arsenault that she wanted to put an end to this dark side by publishing her new novel, Enfant de bastard, and is furiously indignant at the anti-vaccine demonstrators who wear the yellow Jewish star in France.

“Because he wasn’t executed at Liberation, I’m talking to you today. [â ?? ¦] I am just the product of someone who fooled everyone. “

Sorj Chalandon remembers that when he was a child, his father administered corrections while yelling in German.

“If there hadn’t been the beatings and injuries, if there hadn’t been this nastiness, [you could say that ] I was brought up by a conjurer, he said. I was brought up by a magician who explained to his son one evening that he was the head of the CIA; the next day, that he had been the lover of Edith Piaf; the day after, that he was an American Presbyopian pastor… I was speechless. If my dad tells me that, it’s true! ”

Ref: https://ici.radio-canada.ca