Passing through the cameras from Seven to Eight this Sunday, August 29, Soprano confided with emotion about the death of his father, who succumbed to the coronavirus.

His pain remains sharp, despite the months that have passed since the events. In May 2020, at the height of the health crisis caused by the coronavirus, Soprano lost his father, Omar M’Roumbaba. He died in Grande Comore, where he had been hospitalized for several days … after contracting Covid-19. A heartbreaking for the rapper who, in front of the cameras from Sept to Eight this Sunday, August 29, felt that this death could have been avoided. “We wanted to take him to Reunion Island for treatment. He would have been in France, he would have had the Covid like many people and he would still be alive. That’s why it’s still hard for me. We could have done otherwise but it’s life that is like that, ”he confided not without emotion.

Saïd M’Roumbaba of his real name still remembers the last moments of his father’s life, marked by concern. “We are called and told that my father is very sick but no one can find what he has,” Soprano recalled. “The problem is that in the Comoros, hospitals are not equipped for a lot of things. So we took a plane, we got by, we went to the Comoros. But the time to arrive, he did not hold. ” He now does everything to pay tribute to his father whenever the opportunity arises. “I think he left proud. I did everything to bury him with dignity; I did everything to make my mother happy and at peace; I did everything so that my family was united. hope this will continue and I will fight for it. “

Rare secrets for Soprano. Indeed, a month after the death of his father, the rapper had preferred to remain silent. Only an unofficial reaction was unveiled by the site. The former coach of The Voice had addressed the doctor who treated his father in a private message. “Doctor, by this email I would like to send you my most sincere thanks. I thank you for taking care of my father and for having worked to unblock his situation and that of our family, we are infinitely touched and grateful for it” , he wrote. And to add: “A huge thank you, even if this word is not strong enough to express how I feel.”

9:11 no our health system has many flaws … we are poorly paid …. not recognized enough … and everything is just a facade … I have been a caregiver for 30 years …. at each visit l ars..we must be silent … and pretend everything is fine …. at the request of our executives and our management …. and before the day d the agents must scour a max … … everything must be nickel ….. it’s a real cinema !!!!

yes he is a real artist who wins millions and public recognition … not like you the puppet

Thank you Sopra for recognizing that our public and hospital health system is the best. We, the French, have the impression that everything is normal that everything is owed to us … We contribute – and we complain – but the services are at top if needed …

he is a sensitive and very humble man … he misses his father it is normal … he is also a real artist … a very good one … well done sopra your family is proud of you

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