Sophie Marceau: This really very small fee that she earned for her role in the film “La Boum”

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In 1980, Claude Pinoteau released his film La Boum, at the cinema. Headlining, a short story, Sophie Marceau, only 14 years old. Without knowing it, this film will mark the beginning of a long and glorious career in cinema for the actress.

40 years after its release, French channels continue to broadcast and rebroadcast this successful film. But, while today she is an accomplished and in-demand actress, then Sophie Marceau accepted the role for a handful of cherries. Interviewed by Gala, the latter remembered her cachet for La Boum, the very first in a long list, “I had not been paid well even if it represented a fortune coming from where I came from. The boom1 I received 40,000 francs, or € 6,000. “

Far from the fees of several million euros for today’s productions, Sophie Marceau nevertheless remembers her pride in receiving this sum, and what she ultimately did with it, “That said, I was a minor and I couldn’t touch it. I just got 4,000 francs in cash… I couldn’t spend it. In fact I bought LPs downstairs from my house, three clothes and two bullshit and that was enough for me. “.

If now she can afford to impose herself and defend her fees for her performances at the cinema, Sophie Marceau has nevertheless remained in reality, and never exposes her fortune, “I admire Agnès b. , but I’m not exactly what you would call a fashion victim. I’m happy with three clothes that I try to combine, it forces me to be creative. Besides, it bores me to go shopping . It worries me. I feel guilty if I buy something that I will not have use … “A quality (among many others) difficult to find in some stars, which also makes her the a little darling of the French for a long time!

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