In the columns of Le Point, Sophie Marceau confides in the lack of privacy. From an early age, the actress saw her private life escape her almost completely.

The story of Sophie Marceau is the story of a child star. At only 13 years old, the actress became a celebrity thanks to her role, obtained almost by chance, in the Boom. Quickly, the interpreter of Vic knew an impressive notoriety. And unfortunately quite harmful. “I’m not telling myself a story because everything has been told for me, annoys Sophie Marceau in the columns of the Point. I did not have time to take myself for Sophie Marceau because, at 13, we have decided in my stead that I was Sophie Marceau. ” And if this experience turned out to be “magnificent”, it was also “traumatic” for the actress. Pied-à-terre despite her fame, Sophie Marceau “immediately understood that [she] had to come back to simple things so as not to drown”: “It’s my life and I do with”.

Despite her Cartesian character, Sophie Marceau still suffers today. “I am sometimes bruised and I struggle not to fall back on me, she confides in the columns of the Points. The actor shows everything on the screen – his feelings, his wrinkles, his weaknesses, his buttocks, his emotions – but we want it to show even more. I would like to preserve a very small amount of privacy. ” But unfortunately, the media and the public do not always allow him to keep his private life. “We are supposed to have the right to a private life in France. It is a subject in itself is a problem for me”, summarizes Sophie Marceau to our colleagues. And to continue: “The French do not want cameras everywhere in the streets and in transport to preserve their privacy but, for my part, at home or outside my home, I am filmed. My private life is not preserved. My entourage and I suffer from it “.

“My daily life is changed. I have the impression of being a great criminal constantly pursued,” concluded Sophie Marceau, for whom fame is more of a burden than anything else. Actress therefore, she is also a mother hen to Vincent (born in 1995 from his union with Polish director Andrzej Żuławski) and Juliette (born in 2002 from his love for producer Jim Lemley). Moreover, she wants them to grow up in a healthy world and that they do not have any illusions. “Genius is not everything. I always tell my children to try, that it is the most important and that failure is surmountable, she confided a few days ago to Version Feminin. Today, you can have several lives, several jobs, and I don’t know what the future holds. My son and my daughter will do whatever they want, as long as they do it. ”

Born in 1966 in Paris, Sophie Maupu alias Marceau grew up in the southern suburbs, in Gentilly. At 14, it was by chance that she participated in a …

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