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This Wednesday, December 29, Sophie Davant is in charge of Un ami pour la vie, devoted to animals. And the host is well placed to present this program on France 3, she, who has found a smile with her dog Raoul after a difficult bereavement.

Sophie Davant cannot imagine her life without animals. This Wednesday, December 29 from 9:05 p.m., the host will also mobilize for the animal cause as part of her program called Un ami pour la vie. Accompanied by stars such as Ahmed Sylla, Nathalie Baye, Laurent Baffie or Anny Duperey, the presenter will accompany families who wish to adopt in shelters. A great initiative for the former wife of Pierre Sled who is still closely followed by her dog Raoul. It is also thanks to him that she found her smile again after losing her little Djette. Very attached to her dog Bichon Maltais, she will long remember the day the animal breathed its last. It was on September 10, 2018 that the mother of Valentine and Nicolas had announced the bad news on the set of Touche not at my post. “It seems a bit ridiculous when you’ve been through hardships, when you’ve lost loved ones … I lost my little dog today,” she told Cyril Hanouna and his columnists with tears in her eyes. A shock for the presenter who had even canceled all her recordings for the day.

Sophie Davant was all the more marked by the death of her dog as she also accompanied her on the sets of her TV shows. The faithful of Business Concluded were thus able to regularly see the little ball of hair wandering in front of the cameras, to the delight of his mistress, who remained very alone after his departure. During one of his broadcasts on France 2, Caroline Margeridon’s sidekick had delivered unvarnished to viewers, barely a few days after the death of her animal. “Djette has shared all the moments of my life for ten years, she said, very moved. She left suddenly. It was not planned. She was in good health and then she had a pulmonary embolism. It ‘s. was brutal. You might know what it’s like to lose an animal that shares all of your privacy and takes a part of you with it. “

Fortunately, Sophie Davant was able to count on all the support of viewers, also saddened at the idea of ​​no longer seeing Djette on the screen. Marked by the departure of his dog, the host even swore never to take back a pet, before changing his mind. “The sorrow linked to the disappearance of my little white dog, Djette, was too heavy, she confided on Instagram. Years and months have passed … I moved, choosing, as if by chance, a place to live surrounded by greenery, just in case… And I couldn’t resist the urge… We unearthed Raoul Du Buisson De La Passée (please!) in Dordogne. He landed in Paris, and, from the first few minutes, it was crazy love. We sniffed and adopted from the start. Do not deprive yourself of this pleasure! Yes, there are constraints, you have to organize yourself … But your companion will force you to to go out, therefore to exercise, motivated by the desire to please him. He will share your happiness, your worries, your sorrows … and will become your most faithful confidant. ” And with Raoul, Sophie Davant is more than satisfied.

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