Touche pas à mon post returns this August 30 on C8. Before a new season necessarily very special because of the presidential election of 2022, Cyril Hanouna came to talk about his projects with Jean-Marc Morandini, on CNews, (another channel of the Canal group), this Monday morning.

The host, whose middle name is none other than Valéry, (like former president Giscard), explained how he was immersed in politics, very early on, listening to his parents debate at home … Politically, Baba admitted that he had “always been a little more on the side of his father”, a fervent supporter of François Mitterand, and therefore of the left.

He added, however, that he was not voting on the left, because, he said, “today, on the left, I can’t find anyone”. Followed by 6 million French people, who watch his program very regularly, and who vote for the most part Jean-Luc Mélenchon, according to a recent poll, the troublemaker of the paf admits: “I like him, after I am not from agree with him on all his ideas “.

But then, for whom did Cyril Hanouna vote? To Jean-Marc Morandini, Cyril Hanouna reveals (for the first time): “In the first round, I said that I voted for someone who ends in ‘on’. You have the choice between Mélenchon, Macron , Fillon and Hamon. It’s not Hamon, plus I like him. It’s not Fillon … it’s either Mélenchon or Macron “.

The host of the show finally deduced: “So, it’s Emmanuel Macron”. About the current President of the Republic, Cyril Hanouna assures us: “I get along very well with Emmanuel Macron, it’s no secret”. He finally hopes that he will come on his show, after announcing his candidacy for re-election … by January or February, table the boss of H20. To be continued …