They had mixed fortunes on their first round and have every intention of performing on the road to FÃ © camp from 2:00 pm this Sunday.

Here they are, rested and ready to take off on their second stage of the 52nd edition of the Solitaire du Figaro. TO?? 2 pm this Sunday, 490 miles are opening their arms from Lorient towards FÃ © camp. What still dream of performance to be able to take pleasure on this course partly coastal. Verbatim.

Corentin Horeau (Mutuelle Bleue for the Institut Curie), 4th in the provisional general classification: “I lost a little time, one hour thirty-six minutes. My objective before the start of Saint-Nazaire was to make it in the Top 10 or a Top 5 to start my Solitaire well. It’s pretty well done. We know that the first step is a base. If it is not good, it can be mentally difficult afterwards. So I am in the game. I must not take a rotten start like in Saint-Nazaire to be in the game right away. The boat is doing well and I am making good progress knowing that I only took charge of it in June. I also progress by watching others. To get Xavier, it will be complicated. He’s excellent, with insane talent and apparently he hit the “On” button to win. He continues to attack even when he’s in front. We are now going to have a beautiful course close to the coast. With pebbles, currents and fishermen. A slightly shorter course which will give us an extra day of rest because after that there will be two more big heats. TO”

Violette Dorange (Devenir), 25th at 4:03 am: “Overall I’m quite happy with my race: I’ve improved in terms of speed, maneuvering, I’m more ready and more focused when leaving, I understand better what is happening on the water. I took a step back, observing my trace on the map. The results are mixed because the result is not terrible, I would have liked to do better but it is not catastrophic either. I am reassured and that gives me confidence for the next stage. I have the cards in hand, I have progressed compared to last year, it just needs to go with a little daring, a little luck and a good start. TO”

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Erwan Le Draoulec (Skipper Macif 2020), 15th at 2:41 am: “The first stage really pleased me. She was in the goals that I set for myself on this Solitaire. She was brilliant at the start under spinnaker and I was able to play with the top fifteen. The climb up the Bay of Biscay, on the other hand, was more of the mountain without the buttocks. The present sleeve seems overcomplicated. We will start in thwarted conditions until Belle-le. Then direction the Rochebonne plateau for a climb up to Penmarc’h, all reaching. There the strategy will begin with the grand tour of Brittany where we will find ourselves up close, against the currents, with small oscillations of wind, thermal effects. Lots of factors that mean nothing will be easy. In these areas, the old hands are generally doing well and we should not hesitate to be inspired. Even if you have to make your own choices. Anyway, there will always be a way to do it again and you always have to believe in it. TO”

Achille Nebout (Primeo Energie-Amarris), 12th at 2:22 am: “I was satisfied with my first stage. A long, hard, demanding stage for organizations and boats. I was at the forefront, always in the top ten. It was in my gait to be consistent. This second step is going to be very different. In all guises. With lots of traps. In the raz de Sein, in the channel of the Four and especially in the raz Blanchard. With each time to manage the current, algae and stones. And we will be served. There is a risk of going all over the place to reach FÃ © camp. This is going to be very interesting and we will have to trust each other while looking at where the little friends are. And then, when you feel a blow, you have to play it thoroughly. I am confident after my good start to the season with a podium with Fabien Delahaye (Groupe Gilbert) in the Tour de Bretagne. The boat is going rather fast and I am gaining experience in ocean racing. So I have to continue on this path. TO”

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Alan Roberts (Seacat Services), 22nd at 3:18 am: “I’m disappointed with my first leg. After a bad start, I couldn’t make it through the fleet and it was going ahead. So we forget. I must now be 100% on this new round. Strategy will be important, but so will speed. With the choice of sails where you can’t go wrong. Anything can happen but I will try to do my best, remaining confident in my decisions and in my knowledge of the boat. Afterwards, the tactical part, we’ll see that on the water. TO”

Gaston Morvan (Bretagne CMB Espoir), 8th at 2:14 am: “It was good for me to start like this. I’ve always found the right pace, the right speed. Managed my sleep. To arrive with a victory in rookie and a place in the Top 10 is a little above my ambitions. But it’s done. Now, a lot is going to happen, with a significant number of hits to be made among the traps. With plenty of rather complicated strategic places. There are also quite a few weather uncertainties in certain areas. The options will be interesting to watch. But we will have to follow his feeling. TO”

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