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First report by the Army’s 10th Infantry Division showed that a military force was on board a KM450 vehicle traveling from Mati City to Banaybanay, Davao Oriental , drove when five members of the WGF (Weakened Guerilla Force) 18 of the NPA ambushed them around 8 a.m. It followed 10 minutes before the communist rebels retreated towards Barangay Culian.

A soldier who only called Melendrez A member of the Army’s 66th Infantry Battalion was wounded and taken to the Davao Oriental Provincial Medical Center.

According to the Davao Oriental Provincial Police Office (DOPPO), the Barangay Badas national road was temporarily closed to all motorists driving to Mati City and Davao City for eviction.

Mati City Mayor Michelle Nakpil Rabat said in an official statement that traffic on the main road has stopped, i.e. he serves as the only road for farmers to bring their products to market for almost two hours to ensure their safety and that of drivers and travelers.

“The incident along the national road in Sitio Tagawisan is unfortunate and we are condemn such cruel acts by lawless armed groups. Many livelihoods were affected for two hours. Armed struggle is not the way to bring peace and development to our people, “said Rabat.

The Mati police are investigating the incident and the city government will await the official outcome of the investigation, Rabat said. She added that this is an isolated incident caused by circumstances beyond control.

“I want to assure all Matinians that the city is doing its best to avoid the possible negative impact this incident may have on our economy to counteract. Rest assured that government agencies are doing their best to prevent similar incidents from occurring again, “she said.

Commander of the Army’s 10th Infantry Division, Maj. Gen. Ernesto Torres Jr., said the incident was one Proof of the NPA’s tactics of recruiting new members and recovering from their losses caused by peace and development gains.

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