Sofia Essaïdi will soon be one of the heroines of the France 2 television film L’Appel de la cigogne, which caused controversy even before its broadcast.

Expect a surge of Sofia Essaïdi this year on the small screen. Between the TV movie Les Héritiers, which could be developed as a series on France 2, the series Les Combattantes that she is currently filming alongside Audrey Fleurot, Camille Lou and Julie de Bona for TF1 and the TV movie of France 2 inspired by the book by Marc Olivier Fogiel: The Call of the stork, the actress will be omnipresent. And yet, it may not be over, since the first channel has just announced the start of the sequel to the series The Promise in which it starred. After having confided in her role as a whistleblower in Les Héritiers, Sofia Essaïdi returned to the controversy surrounding the television film L’Appel de la cigogne.

This summer we announced that Sofia Essaïdi joined the cast of L’Appel de la cigogne, a France 2 fiction about surrogacy, inspired by Marc-Olivier Fogiel’s book. The story: Céline and Mathieu, a farming couple fighting to welcome a child. While the social worker gives them the only option but to adopt a child with multiple disabilities, her intern gives them the contact details of Darius, a friend of her. The latter, with his partner Julien, had recourse to surrogacy ….

In the process, France 2 indicated that Sofia Essaïdi would be accompanied by Malik Zidi (seen recently in the TF1 series Gloria) to embody the couple of farmers, while Roby Schinasi (seen in The Vengeance with clear eyes) and Benjamin Siksou, former candidate of the New Star who recently mentioned for the first time his homosexuality, interpreted as for them Darius and Julien. Also in the cast, Bruno Sanches, recently seen in HPI on TF1 and L’Ecole de la vie on France 2.

Very quickly it was also indicated that the actress Véronique Genest, who paid a vibrant tribute to her friend Yves Rénier recently disappeared, was also part of the cast. However, because of his recent positions concerning surrogacy, this decision to give him a role in the fiction which was inspired by his work had outraged Marc Oliver Fogiel, who was moved on social networks. Backpedaling of France 2: the chain has changed the cast. If Véronique Genest quickly let it be known that it was not going to change her life, we did not yet know the position of the heroine of The Call of the Stork ….

“We shot it this summer, I can’t wait for the TV movie to come out. I was very happy to go and confront myself with such a subject that, like many people, I don’t really understand. elsewhere the negative reactions come from a lack of knowledge. It was a very interesting job as an actress, but also as a woman, “Sofia Essaïdi told us. The actress assured not to be concerned by the controversy in question. “I am quite removed from everything social media, so these controversies did not really affect me. But, in my opinion, they do not concern me. I focus on the role and on the project. After that, I I must admit that that moment was quite complicated for me because I was filming the Les Combattantes series at the same time. Physically and emotionally, I was in these two roles and I really had other things to think about than Internet.”

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