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LIKE ANOTHER FRIDAY the night rolls around, a bit of socially distant light joke could help break up the monotony.

Here’s our latest recap of talk show content. There should be enough here to keep everyone busy.

Today’s line-up is headed by Oscar-nominated actress Sharon Stone, who chats about how she rebuilt her life after an almost fatal stroke a few years ago, and her Irish “godmother” – the Irish Connection keeps coming back.

Stone says she has close ties to Northern Ireland through her friendship with the late peace activist Betty Williams. Williams was lifted by the deaths of three children during the conflict when he co-founded the Peace People, who held rallies in international cities to call for an end to violence. Her work was recognized when she and Mairead Corrigan became the first Northern Irish recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize.

A year without my dearest godmother, Betty Williams. I love you girl 🤍🍀 I know that you are sitting to the right of the universal light.

After the historic success on board the Minella Times at the Grand National last month, Rachael Blackmore will be in the studio tonight to talk about winning one of the toughest races in the sport.

All Ireland victorious players and manager Jim McGuinness will also join Ryan to discuss exchanging football for football.

During Pieta House’s annual fundraiser for Darkness in Light by the Covid-19 Pandemic is restricted again, Pieta’s clinical manager Leigh Kenny will explain to viewers why the services of the suicide prevention charity are in demand now more than ever.

Irish country star Sandy Kelly is led by her niece Sandie Ellis who speaks for the first time publicly about the tragic death of Sandy’s sister Barbara.

The Westmeath GAA star and former AFL player Ray Connellan, the artist for spoken henes Wort Malaki and the ultra-marathon runner Conor O’Keeffe will share their personal experiences with psychological distress.

Music tonight from Pillow Queens who will play the cranberries single When You’re Gone, which is on an upcoming Album with cover versions of songs by The Cranberries in favor of Pieta will be shown.

US President Joe Biden wants 70% of adults there to have received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine by July 4th, but the pace of adoption has slowed recently due to the reluctance of the vaccine.

According to a survey conducted in March by the Kaiser Family Foundation, 25% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 take a wait and see attitude towards vaccination.

Last Week Tonight, an investigation is into why some people get the Covid- 19 vaccine and how to put your mind at ease – including some quick debunking about the effectiveness of the Bumps and the Gates family.

“If your main concern is that Bill Gates could use microchips to track you down, can he already does. This is your king’s phone, “joked Oliver.

Meanwhile, former Olympic gold medalist Caitlyn Jenner, who is currently running for governor in the California recall election, received some backlash over her comments on the state’s homeless population.

During an interview with Fox News, Jenner said, a co-owner of a private plane leaving California in their airport hangar because he can’t stand to see the homeless anymore.

“Ah homeless: I can’t live with them, I can’t fly over them,” Jenner added , “an ignorant hole”.

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On the Daily Show, Trevor Noah explores why schools should teach students about race and why certain parents are against this shift.

According to Noah, most students in America learn more about TikTok than they do in the classroom when it comes to the story of black Americans goes on.

On that day in 1992, Galway Bishop Eamonn Casey resigned after it was learned that he had fathered a child with an American, Annie Murphy, in 1974.

Murphy wrote a book with the Title Forbidden Fruit about their relationship and appeared on the Late Late Show for a famous interview with host Gay Byrne.

During the interview, Byrne told Murphy that he would be fine if it turned out that her son Peter was is half the man that Casey was. Peter said in an interview years later that he wanted to “adorn” Byrne through the interview with his mother.

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Sofa Watch: Sharon Stone meets with Ryan to discuss her close ties with Northern Ireland Commentaries