“We absolutely must be able to rely on this but we must also, not just develop surveillance cameras, we need people (…) who allow us to maintain public tranquility in our country”, pleaded the mayor. from Paris.

“I saw what happened in La Duchère, I grew up in La Duchère, do you think that it does not appeal to me to see what is happening there?” Added Ms. Hidalgo. Three police officers on patrol came under fire on Monday evening in this sensitive area of ​​Lyon.

“I see clearly that we obviously need a lot more police at the same time but we also need prevention, we also need to give a future to these young people who fall into this parallel economy which is very lucrative (… ) and which plagues our neighborhoods, ”she continued.

The incident sparked a controversy over video surveillance: Tuesday morning, the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin deplored the absence of cameras in the neighborhood, assuring that he had sent “three times” a letter to this effect to the environmental mayor Grégory Doucet .

The latter replied to the press that “60 cameras” were already deployed and that “with the exception of certain pockets, that is enough to cover the entire territory”.

Ref: https://france3-regions.francetvinfo.fr