Authors of a good start to the season, Sochaux and Paris FC were still both on a setback, last Saturday for the Doubistes and Tuesday for the Parisians, on the same lawn of AC Ajaccio.

For the PFC, the momentum had lost some of its splendor with this second loss in a row. And the start of the meeting confirmed the current difficulties of the players of Thierry Laurey who had made the choice of turnover.

More alert, more determined on their lawn at Bonal, the Sochaliens quickly found the fault after a one-two-three, shall we say, between Tony Mauricio and Aldo Kalulu who opened the scoring with a nice flick (10th). His third goal of the season.

The heavy pressing of the premises greatly upset their opponent, who was forced to defend. Despite too timid attempts by Diakité (16th), Guilavogui (18th) or Mandouki (22nd), the Parisians, also for lack of technical accuracy, suffered. Weissbeck (26th, 28th) and Lopy (33rd) were not even far from worsening the score.

Under the impetus of Julien Lopez, who had replaced Guilavogui at the half-hour mark, Paris FC regained, after the break, the speed that it had so lacked in the first period. Ndour was also well inspired to come against in extremis Diakité (54th). At that time, the absence of Gaëtan Laura, suspended after his expulsion from Ajaccio, deprived Laurey of an option, in the impact and the races, which would have done good for Paris FC. Julien Lopez twice (74th, 76th) was trying to force the decision.

Sochaux was now proceeding against. Steve Ambri did not deny it. A race, a relay with Ndiaye and a pivotal strike which was deflected into its own goal by Bernauer (2-0, 87th). If Sochaux resumes the course of its season with this 5th success in eight days, Paris FC is now marking time with a third defeat in a row which leaves it the Top 5.