As much as WhatsApp is a secure messaging app thanks to end-to-end encryption enabled by default in chats, until not so long ago, WhatsApp backups hosted on cloud services such as Google Drive were saved unencrypted. , this may present a risk to the privacy of users.

Fortunately, for the past few weeks, WhatsApp has allowed you to protect your backups with end-to-end encryption. We’ll explain how you can easily do this to keep your chats, images, and all content safe.

The mechanism used by WhatsApp when encrypting backups bases its operation on an encryption key. This password must be a minimum of seven characters, with at least one number, and it is also possible to use a 64-digit password. The password must be remembered, as it will be mandatory to enter it when restoring a copy.

That’s all. Your end-to-end encrypted backup will have been created and stored in Google Drive.

When you want to restore the copy to another device, you will need to enter the encryption key you chose so that you can access its content and recover all your chats.

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